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Presented by Liliana Sierra at the Alliance for Contraception in Cats & Dogs’ 4th International Symposium on Non-Surgical Contraceptive Methods of Pet Population Control, April 8-10, 2010, in Dallas, Texas, U.S.


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Sentir Animal, our organization : 

Sentir Animal, our organization What? Animal rights organization Rescue, education and legal actions, sterilization campaigns Where? Cali – Colombia – South America Who? Around 20 volunteers When? Since 2005

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Our values Vegan food

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Never leave an animal unattended

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Never leave abandoned animals in bad conditions behind

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Always educate

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Our society 53% of homes have dogsCali: 2.3 million inhabitantsAproximately 80% are levels 1, 2 and 3 Population lacks housing, education, social services and employment NGO’s substitute government Animal suffering=human suffering Violence – Constant war

Our community, our field of action : 

Our community, our field of action Valle del Cauca OurTarget: Cats and dogs levels 1,2 and 3 Valle del Cauca rural areas and Cali city

Our sterilization program : 

Our sterilization program First Contact a member of the neighborhood or the community contacts us

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Planning The Sentir Animal coordinator assigns a date and explains the ‘technical’ requirements for the surgery room, waiting room, etc.

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Campaigns The vet and assistants arrive on the day with a surgery table and materials

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Information and preparation for surgery

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Recommendations and monitoring

Our campaigns in numbers : 

Our campaigns in numbers

Our challenges, our problems : 

Our challenges, our problems Economical resources Time

Our challenges, our problems : 

Our challenges, our problems Conditions for surgery

Our challenges, our problems : 

Our challenges, our problems Post-surgical care

Our keys to succes : 

Our keys to succes Going where people and animals need us Counting on a member of the community to organize and promote each campaign Affordable prices Strict control in inventory and purchases Expertise of our veterinarian Organization, protocols and procedures Checking on each patient afterwards Giving the kindest service to people and animals A team comitted to the animal cause

…until there are no homeless dogs and cats! : 

…until there are no homeless dogs and cats! Thank you for your attention!

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