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Presented by Dr. Linda Rhodes at the Alliance for Contraception in Cats & Dogs’ 4th International Symposium on Non-Surgical Contraceptive Methods of Pet Population Control, April 8-10, 2010, in Dallas, Texas, U.S.


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Laying the Foundation: Overview of Existing Contraceptives and Non-Surgical Sterilants Linda Rhodes VMD, PhD Board Chair ACC&D

Purpose : 

Purpose Bringing people together for progress Basic researchers Animal welfare experts Non-profit organizations and individuals interested in pet population control Pharmaceutical companies US and International pet population control experts Funders – both charitable and for-profit

Progress : 

Progress 1st International Symposium – 2002 NO products on the market world-wide (except progestational steroids for short term contraception) 2nd International Symposium – 2004 Neutersol® in the US (FDA approval 2003) Suprelorin® in Australia, New Zealand (2004)

Progress : 

Progress Neutersol® (Addison Laboratories) Zinc gluconate (buffered) For male puppies 3-10 months Intra-testicular injection Approved by the FDA Suprelorin® (Peptech Animal Health) Deslorelin (GnRH agonist) implant 6 month fertility suppression in male dogs Approved for sale in Australia, New Zealand

Progress : 

Progress 3rd International Symposium – 2006 Gonazon® Intervet Pharma Azagly-nafarelin (GnRH agonist) implant 12 month fertility suppression in female dogs Approved for sale in the EU

Where We Are Now : 

Where We Are Now What happened since 2006? Neutersol®: taken off the market in 2005, no longer available Esterisol®: (Ark Sciences): introduced in Mexico 2008 Gonazon®: never launched in EU (business reasons?) - not available

Where We Are Now : 

Where We Are Now Suprelorin® 2007 approval in Australia, New Zealand of 12 month implant for male dogs 2008 approval in the EU of 6 month implant for male dogs (marketed by Virbac) Approval in the EU of the 12 month implant for male dogs soon?

Virbac EU advertisement

Regulatory Breakthrough? : 

Regulatory Breakthrough? Environmental Protection Agency approval in 2009 of Gonacon® GnRH vaccine From the National Wildlife Research Center, USDA Contraception of deer Possible EPA regulation of contraceptives/sterilants for feral cats?

The Future : 

The Future Slow but steady progress towards a toolkit of technologies New impetus from the Michelson Prize and Grants program Continued need for: New approaches (research and development) Funding for use of current tools Credible information shared widely

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