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Presented by Joyce Briggs and Dr.Linda Rhodes at the Alliance for Contraception in Cats & Dogs’ 4th International Symposium on Non-Surgical Contraceptive Methods of Pet Population Control, April 8-10, 2010, in Dallas, Texas, U.S.


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4th International Symposiumon Non-surgical Contraceptive Methods of Pet Population Control Presented in partnership with 1

Welcome to Texas! : 

Welcome to Texas! ……amended the Texas Sterilization act: :Sterilization, the surgical removal of the reproductive organs of a dog or cat or the use of non-surgical methods approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration or the United States Department of Agriculture, to make the animal permanently unable to reproduce…….. 2

A Worldwide Welcome! : 

A Worldwide Welcome! ArgentinaAustraliaAustriaBoliviaBrazilCanadaChileColumbiaEcuador NetherlandsPhilippinesSierra LeoneSouth AfricaSwitzerlandTurkeyUnited StatesUnited Kingdom EthiopiaFranceGermanyGuatemala India ItalyKenyaMexico 3

Just a few…. of our guests : 

Just a few…. of our guests Gudush Jalloh, DVM Sierra Leone Animal Welfare Society Auke Schaefers-Okkens PhD DVM Dipl-ECAR Vet faculty: Utrecht The Netherlands 4

Just a few of our guests : 

Just a few of our guests John Schiller, PhD Senior Scientist, National Cancer Center, NIH 5

Symposium Attendee Background : 

Symposium Attendee Background 6

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Founders: Dr. Henry Baker, Dr. Stephen Boyle, Dr. Brenda Griffin 7

Our Directors : 

Our Directors Joel Adamson- Consultant, semi-retired, Brakke Consulting Joyce Briggs- President, ACC&D  Linda Rhodes, VMD, PhD (Chair) -Vice President – Clinical Development, AlcheraBio, LLC Andrew N. Rowan, PhD-Executive Vice President, Operations, HSUS; CEO, Humane Society Intntl.  Betsy Saul-President and Co-Founder,; Senior Vice President, Discovery Channel  Bill Torgerson DVM, MBA-Consultant Former VP, Animal Protection Division, American Humane Association  Bob Weedon, DVM, MPH- Adjunct Faculty, U of NC Wilmington; Sr. Partner, College Rd. Animal Hosp.; Ambassador, Alliance for Rabies Control  Stephen L. Zawistowski, PhD Executive VP, National Programs, ASPCA; Science Advisor, ASPCA 8

Organizational Partners : 

Organizational Partners 9

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Thank You Sponsors! : 

Thank You Sponsors! Handsel FoundationSummerlee FoundationMorris Animal Foundation Elinor Patterson Baker Trust Elanco Animal Health AlcheraBio Marian’s DreamSchering Plough Animal Health Spay Colorado 11

Scholarships : 

Scholarships 12

VISION We envision a world where wide use of non surgical sterilants effectively reduce the number of unwanted cats and dogs. MISSION ACC&D’s mission is to expedite the successful introduction of methods to non-surgically sterilize dogs and cats and to support the distribution and promotion of these products to humanely control cat and dog populations world wide. 13


VALUES Leadership & Advocacy: We are a leader in advocating for research and implementation of non surgical sterilization. Sound Science: We base this work in sound science Partnership: We leverage partnerships and networks for the good of the cause Integrity: We act with integrity in all processes and relationships 14

Scientific Think Tank Reports : 

Scientific Think Tank Reports 15

Credible Information : 

Credible Information ….. and counsel for stakeholders,and the public 16

ACC&D’s EsterilSol Small Grants Program : 

ACC&D’s EsterilSol Small Grants Program ACC&D’s 10 $3,000 grants to non-U.S. NGO’s Total of 7,500 injections or more serving diverse communities Agreement for discounted product: <$4 per dose $4 per dose? And I get to keep my balls? Si, por favor!

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You Are Here …. : 

You Are Here …. Lunch & Dinner Implementation Track. MP/G Track 19 Restrooms

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Connect With Your Inspiration 20 Izzie (with Eva)

Connect With Your Inspiration : 

Connect With Your Inspiration 21 Ruby

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Wayne Pacelle 22

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