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This presentation introduces the PETOPIA social movement campaign to those affiliates with organization in the Animal Shelter Alliance of Portland (OR) coalition.


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For ASAP member staff, board and volunteers September, 2016 1


Welcome 2 Joyce Briggs Volunteer/Co-Founder

Animal Shelter Alliance of Portland :

Animal Shelter Alliance of Portland 3 Our Vision: We envision a community that values, protects and cares for animals and provides a safety net for homeless and at-risk cats and dogs .   Our Mission: Working together, we develop and sustain metro-wide programs and services that reduce the number of homeless cats and dogs, and save the lives of all shelter pets that can be humanely and responsibly rehomed.

Today’s Agenda:

Today’s Agenda 4 It’s all about PETOPIA! Background Purpose Getting Involved Feedback


Background ASAP has seen huge gains in the last 10 years. The coalition’s shelters now save 94% of incoming pets. 5

Best Friends Conference 2016:

Best Friends Conference 2016 6 Announces No Kill nation goal by 2025 What does our community next Dare to do to keep Portland on the map, and move forward ?

Our jobs are still very challenging:

Our jobs are still very challenging Nearly 21,000* animals still enter ASAP shelters every year, 30K with transfers. Need for volunteers, funding and adopters still high Animals need more veterinary care/ time in shelter or foster to adopt Broader need to address the welfare of pets that will never enter our shelters. 7 Let’s engage and enlist and support a broader group of individuals, business and advocates to support this goal.

An idea is born…:

An idea is born… 8

What we envision:

What we envision Social movement that engages the whole community Capitalize on our strengths Draw on community pride Raise the bar for all our community’s animals 9

Potential Benefits:

Potential Benefits 10 You can use what you want for FREE. Leverage it for your organization goals, because you are Petopians ! We all benefit from increased awareness ! Our aims: a measurable increase in volunteers, adoptions and donations, and …. Put Portland on the map as the best place in the nation for pets & their people Make our community A place where pets & people thrive!

In Petopia …:

11 In Petopia … 11 Community members feel empowered to … Report animal cruelty Support their neighbors in times of need Care for feral cats Advocate for more pet-friendly places Make sure all pets & people in their neighborhood are taken care of What else?

2020 Goals:

2020 Goals You and your organization can contribute to the key goals here in PETOPIA. What are your: Organization’s goals? Personal goals? What do you envision for our community? In PETOPIA we want to see your goals achieved ! 12

Campaign Status:

Campaign Status I nitial consumer research on concept/name/tagline Trademarking completed Local agencies contributed creatively, pro bono Website live Social media ready to launch Petopia Collateral in development: Giveaways for Adopters, Items for retail sale, Café Press Store 13


Co-branding concepts in development ! 14 Petopia Merchandise


15 Site in development http :// / Website:

Ok, so when do we kick this off?:

Ok, so when do we kick this off? 16 Animal Community launch Meetings: 6:30 – 8:00pm Oct 11 th ,2016 Jupiter Hotel, PDX Oct 18 th ,2016 BagnBaggage , Hillsboro Public Launch January 2017 We’re counting on all of you to help make Petopia a reality!

Ready to become a PETOPIA Ambassador?:

Ready to become a PETOPIA Ambassador? 17 Introduce PETOPIA to your colleagues Display PETOPIA logo/hyperlink on your website Distribute PETOPIA buttons & bumper stickers (coming in January) Proudly purchase and wear custom PETOPIA ware. or petopiapdx Tag #PETOPIAPDX on your social media posts Contribute your ideas for 2020 goals Share your volunteer needs for Petopia to promote

Excited? Volunteers Needed!:

Excited? Volunteers Needed! 18 Help us create Petopia ! Volunteer positions in: Social media Marketing/PR Strategy & goals Retail Community partnership development Fundraising …. And more!

Feedback? Questions?:

Feedback? Questions? 19 Contact us at

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