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Advanced Bolting Solutions Pvt. Ltd (ABS) is the bolt application, machining and flange management expert, in business since 1998. Technical expertise combined with experience of a decade, ABS brings the most comprehensive package of services including: Bolting – torquing/tensioning/flange management Machining- Pipe cutting, beveling, boring and flange facing Specialised Hot Bolting Product sales, rental and technical support Product service and training Our commitment to technological leadership has resulted in augmentation of product and services range, which is ongoing and are being marketed across South Asia and Middle East. Best in class tools with capacity from 0-1,80,000 Nm, are available across all industries like Automobile, Assembly, OEM, Power, Steel, Oil & Gas, Heavy Engineering , Mining and Sipping. Tooling partners include world’s best brands like Hytorc, Boltight, Equalizer, AIMCO, Apex and H&S Tools. The tools can be customized to suit any application and can be applied at any juncture, with wide variety of technology empowering these. With over 200 employees, ABS is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company with multi-location network committed to quality customer service.


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Advanced Bolting Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Company profile


ABS in association with HYTORC brings forth an extensive range of specialised bolting tools like hydraulic/ pneumatic/ electric torque wrenches and bolt tensioners.  ABS' specialized services include consultancy for bolting projects & tool application, supervision, warranty & repairs, on & off-site maintenance, torque measurement, tool calibration, On & Off site Training etc. ABS has 15 years of rich experience in torque/tension applications for various industry verticals (PSU and Private) like oil & gas, power, petrochemicals, steel, railways, mining, energy, heavy engineering and shipping, to name a few. With extensive presence in India & Middle East, the organization is ISO 9001: 2008 certified, rated HIGH by Dun & Bradstreet for financial stability, with independent manufacturing capability. ABS The market leader in providing expert solutions for all BOLTING needs


Hytorc tools are suitable for various bolting methods :– Torque controlled bolting Torque and Angle controlled bolting Yield controlled bolting Simultorc : Simultaneous bolting Hytorc Washer TM : Hands free bolting Hytorc Nut TM : Tensioning Based in New Jersey, USA, Hytorc is pioneer of modern torque wrenches with over 100 international patents . HYTORC The leading manufacturer of hydraulic and pneumatic torque wrenches


Hydraulic Range Multi functional Square Drive Tools ranging upto 180000 Nm Multi Functional Low Clearance Hex Link Tools spanning upto 6” nut XXI TM Avanti TM MXT TM EDGE TM ICE TM Versa TM XLCT TM Stealth TM


Hydraulic Pumps Rugged hydraulic pumps in various options with pressure output of 700 bar. Pump Options : 1 or 3 phase, Air operated, Flame proof Automatic Double Oil Coolers for greater cooling Documentation system with barcode scanner and data output with USB Accessories:


Pneumatic & Electrical Range Flash TM Gun Thrill TM Gun (Worlds only torque & impact pneumatic wrench) J Gun TM Electric Torque Wrenches upto 4000 Nm Pneumatic Torque Wrenches upto 8000 Nm Available with: Dual Speed Drive extensions Safety lever Low noise versions


Accurate tensioning – brilliant & simple The HYTORC Washer TM is a reaction-washer with an inner thread segment, and is placed underneath a standard nut. During tightening the bolt doesn’t turn. Reaction arms and back-up wrenches are not needed anymore. The bolting process, standard or inverted, is controlled remote. The HYTORC Washer TM increases work safety, eliminates errors and guarantees even and accurate bolt load. HYTORC Nut TM – Perfect Torsion Free Bolting The clamp nut is reusable, site suitable, three piece tensioning system. It is safe and perfect for applications which are time critical. The hydraulic or pneumatic torque tool reacts of the clamp, and tensions the bolt in seconds, torsion free, side load free and reaction arm free, with a bolt load accuracy of ±5%. HYTORC WASHER TM HYTORC NUT TM Mechanical Tensioners


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We look forward to serve you. Thank You! “ABS House” Plot No W 116 (A), T. T. C. Industrial Area, MIDC Khairane , Navi Mumbai – 400708, M.S. – INDIA. Tel No : 02241714444, Fax No : 02227610167 Web : www.absgroup.net.in   / www.hytorc.in    ISO 9001:2008 Certified Organisation

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