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SUMMARY of the Article A. Introduction Child welfare among lowest in OECD Kim Tae- gyu reporter Explanation of topic : This article talk about the country’s low child welfare support. The author is warning about that countries have low support in the child welfare due to decrease birth rate and increase old man in the future. Korea in the child welfare because of low support.

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B. Review of the main ideas Korea support low in the child welfare. 2. Quote expesta say 3. It show support child welfare and press increasd birthrate. 4. This article is a way to know the condition of the child welfare support.

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C. Review of Important Vocabulary (list 10 – 15) household = family segment = section, part ratio = rate, percentage, proportion institute = association, society channel = spend liberalistic = advanced surpass = exceed, go over aside = away from per-head = per one person expenditure = spending incumbent = currently governing incentive = encouragement, motivation strive = try facilitate = promote midway = in the middle prop up = support

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D. Information Questions (answers are found in the article) 1.What percentage of a child welfare budget accounts in Korea? 2. What changed after 2007 as the incumbent Lee Myung bak ? 3. What is the incentives upon seoul analyst’s insistence? 4. What is the average number of babies in Korea in 2009? 5. What is the result of the decreasing birth rate and increasing senior citizens?

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