Commission Against Senseless Killings, Inc. Resolution

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On April 2, 2016 during #CommissionAgainstSenselessKillings, Inc. annual meeting and rally in #VictimsOfViolentCrimePark also known as E.H. Crump Park; we adopted the attached resolution; in light of our city's horrible and murderous crime problem; our vision is fully expressed in this document.


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Where As: since 1993 Commission Against Senseless Killings Inc. has provided a valuable service to Memphis Tennessee and Where As: CASK dedicated the E.H. Crump Park as Victims of Violent Crimes Park with the planting of two trees and placing of a monument and Where As: CASK has helped tens of thousands of victims of violent crimes by conducting memorial services advocating truth in sentencing advocating victim rights appearing at parole hearings both against and for early releases conducting debates on domestic violence taking surveys to determine the effect of violence on children creating a 24 hour vigil against fear and establishing a community family day and Where As: our neighborhoods are under attack by those who adhere to senseless acts of violence and Where As: our women and children are living their lives in fear and Where As: the natural and G’d given responsibility of men is to protect their women and children and Where As: the City Government is overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of violent acts against its citizens and Where As: our young men have taken up arms against their communities and neighborhoods Where As: our children are killing our children and Where As: murders are happening in our City at an alarming rate and Where As: the body count is mounting. Therefore be it Resolved on this 2 nd day of April 2016: we the undersigned agree to adopt this resolution and execute our duty as men to protect our families and neighborhoods with our lives and treasure and Be it Resolved: that we shall organize with government and society as one unit against all senseless acts of violence and Further be it Resolved: we shall create an environment that upholds our honor duty and respect for our position as men the protectors of women and children. Resolution

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