The Rise in Demand for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR%2FVR)

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The next five years are going to be huge in terms of immersible experiences offered by Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). And the driving force behind this mammoth growth is the rise in demand from both businesses and customers.


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The Rise in Demand for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality AR/VR Apps The next five years are going to be huge in terms of immersible experiences offered by Augmented Reality AR and Virtual Reality VR. And the driving force behind this mammoth growth is the rise in demand from both businesses and customers. It has also been predicted that the next four years will witness almost up to ​ 40 increase in the AR based mobile applications. ​The simulating experiences of AR and VR aim to touch that specific human-nerve secretly wishing to cross that thin line which exists between reality and fiction. In simple words the AR/VR world is nothing but an escape from reality.

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The immersive entertainment has already made its way into our systems in terms of escape room and haunted house games. In fact Netflix original series Black Mirror has also featured the extreme lengths to which AR/VR can go bringing our most terrorizing thoughts to life. ​ Mobile App development segment is probably the most affected by AR and VR. AR solutions have already landed in the markets with Oculus by Facebook Hololens by Microsoft and Scanta with an AR mobile application which transforms your smartphone into glasses. Head-Mounted Displays Looking at the disruptive technology trends brought by AR/VR the data intelligence market is going to see an apocalypse by the year 2025 – amounting to almost 80 billion. Marketing and data intelligence have teamed up to deliver some of the best AR and VR development services. One of the most widespread uses of AR and VR is in the form of Head-Mounted Displays HMDs. None of the industry has been spared by using this service right from health care gaming e-commerce retail and entertainment. Simulating Your Sense of Smell Smells have the power to bring back long-lost memories both sweet and sour. When we talk about the senses VR and AR are mostly about vision and listening abilities. Well that is about to change with the addition of sense of smell. ​ Vaqso ​ a Japanese start-up has come up with an accompaniment which emits odors. The device has the ability to produce three different smells and the intensity can be controlled by an attached fan. The intensity depends on what is being displayed on the screen. It has an exciting way of infusing relevant odors. The start-up is planning to collaborate with many movies and games companies and has developed a special plugin. This plug-in has the power when instructed to emit an odor at a specific moment happening in front of you. So now if you are watching Game of Thrones and the Mother of Dragons just said “Dracarys” – you can potentially smell King’s Landing burning.

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Virtual Trial Rooms Retailers have greatly benefited by utilizing AR and VR technology in designing and customizing their products and services. Trial rooms are the latest in the offering apart from virtual shopping. Instead of being physically present in the store customers can now use headsets and communicate. Even the inventories are accessible through such technology. Bold Metrics is a start-up which enables a 3D environment for customers. Virtual maps are created in such a way that the bodies of shoppers become trial rooms. This allows them to try the outfits virtually without actually visiting a trial room. 3D-Interactive Health care Environment Mock surgeries are increasingly becoming a practice in the hospitals and various other health care institutions with the help of AR and VR technologies. Moreover patients are also provided with assisted monitoring through AR/VR assistants instead of a professional’s supervision. Patients can also transmit their health records on real-time basis for a better diagnosis. Apart from that some companies are even providing customizable mobile app solutions where patients can see their health information. Accuvein is a company which has invented a special AR/VR scanner through which finding veins on the ​ patient’s body has become easier by 3.5 times ​. Enhanced Student Learning Immersive experiences help in creating a better learning atmosphere which increases engagement and comprehending the concepts faster. Google Cardboard has come up with the newest technology called Nearpod which helps students have a simulating trip to fields. Panoramic images amalgamated with the narration help students gain wholesome knowledge about faraway places. They can travel anywhere sitting in their classrooms and experience the virtual reality of these places through sights sounds etc.

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AR/VR Social and Mobile Applications Social media applications are one of the most prominent users of AR/VR technologies. They fully utilize the potential by creating real-time image filters. Apart from that geo-tagging is a function which enables the users to get informed about the whereabouts of their family and friends. On the other hand VR is used in mobile app development using a certain type of VR headgear. 3D technologies with motion sensors deliver an out-of-world gaming experience to gaming enthusiasts. What Does the Future Hold for AR and VR Technologies As of the year 2019 it is estimated that nearly ​ 14 million AR/VR devices are set to be sold. ​Though there has been a slight decrease in the demand in the year 2017-18 the standalone AR/VR devices are estimated only to grow almost sixteen-fold till the world sees the year 2022. While the brands are already using the technology in their daily operations AR/VR is set to make its entry in the promos too. Cinema has already used it to promote the trailers. Latest example is the launch of AR selfie filter to publicize the movie Pitch Perfect 3. Snapchat and HBO have already collaborated to introduce special filters for their highly-acclaimed show Game of Thrones. The technology has pushed consumers to use their smartphones for almost twice as long as they were using earlier. Businesses hold the potential to double up the revenues by ​AR/VR applications development ​ eventually resulting in helping marketers build a better and stronger marketing strategy.

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