Precious Blue Sapphire- Mining, Origin And Properties

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Blue Sapphire symbolizes wisdom, good fortune, happiness, holiness for royals. It is powerful stone for enhancing or increasing mental clarity and spiritual power. It has many different colors from light blue to dark blue but cornflower is the most valuable color among all. It is birthstone of month “September”.


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Presented By Precious Blue Sapphire- Mining, Origin And Properties


Blue sapphire is considered as one of the most valuable and powerful gemstone among all. It is also most demanding gemstone due to its excellent color, shine and clarity . Blue sapphire represents planet “Saturn”. t symbolizes wisdom, good fortune, happiness, holiness for royals. Precious Blue sapphire Gemstone


There are many origin of Sapphire, Blue sapphire gemstone come from Sri Lanka, Thailand, Madagascar, Tanzania, Australia, USA, Nigeria, Thailand, China, and Kenya. These are main origin of high quality blue sapphire. It can be used as astrological purposes as well as fashion. Origin of Blue sapphire


There are several methods of mining Blue sapphire gemstone depend upon the environment, origin of Stone and depth at which stones are found. Places where surrounding is not so hard, simple hand mining is suitable there. On the second hand, digging shafts method is used for deeper ground. In some large scale area, open cut mining operation is used where heavy equipments are used. Mining of Blue Sapphire


Color is the main factor that determines the quality and value of blue sapphire. Good color and clarity of loose gemstones are very rare, so this gemstone is very expensive. Mainly, too dark or too light blue color sapphire are used and loved by wearers . It comes in many colors like pink, green, purple violet, light blue, and dark blue. Color of Blue Sapphire Gemstone


The most common cuts of blue sapphire are oval, cushions, round and emerald. Blue sapphire gemstones are also cut into heart, pears, marquises shape. It can be cut in any shape as per wearer demands. It can be also cut into cabochon shape, to display and develop the star effect. Cut of Blue Sapphire Gemstone


Blue sapphire with extremely high quality is very rare as well as valuable. So that’s way, this is very expensive. There are four grading of blue sapphire that differentiates the quality of blue sapphire gemstone. Four grading are Fine, standard, Premium and super Premium. Premium and super premium are the highest quality of blue sapphire. Clarity of Blue Sapphire Gemstone


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