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Webinars Unleashed What are some of the Webinars best practices?

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Webinars Unleashed Here are five important webinar best practices: Leading up to the webinar, send a reminder email twice - once 1 day before the webinar and once 1 hour before the webinar. Let the audience know in the introduction how you will be dealing with questions (whether you'll respond to select questions at the end, try to take them during the session, etc.).

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Webinars Unleashed When doing a demo or showing software, try not to move too quickly (or scroll up and down a web page too quickly). Often, a refresh takes some time to complete based on the user's bandwidth. Plan on it taking about 5 seconds every time you change your screen for everyone to see the change. Call into the meeting at least 15 minutes early. Before you call in to start the meeting, with many types of conferencing software everyone else hears an annoying beep and has no idea if they are in the right meeting. If you call in early everyone will know they are in the right place.

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Webinars Unleashed Send out a recording and the slides to people within 24 hours, and tell them during the webinar you will do this. About 10-20% of your attendees will email you looking for the info anyway, so just send it out. Fast follow-up helps you motivate people to take a next step while the webinar is still on their mind.

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Webinars Unleashed Now I bet you cannot wait to get your teeth into your first webinar  www.webinarsunleashedreviews.org Have a great day and thanks for viewing this video today.

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