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Webinars Unleashed Hosting a webinar!

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Webinars Unleashed Here are 5 great tips to ensure a good webinar: Be careful when choosing the date and time of your webinar Plan to host the webinar at least twice to accommodate different time zones. Avoid Mondays or Fridays as these are peak conferencing days and attendance is also often lower. Start at 15 minutes past the hour. Most meetings end on the hour and this gives your participants time to decompress before joining your meeting. Times such as 10 am and 2 pm are optimal, to ensure most are at their desks and available before or after lunch. Avoid PowerPoint only The most captivating presentations tend to be multimedia. Include animation, flash, photos, web-demos or other visual aids to make your presentation more interesting. Engage your audience by including polling questions at key points in your presentation. This will help keep your audience’s attention.

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Webinars Unleashed Conduct surveys before and after Ask qualifying questions during registration. This gives you keen insight into your audience. Use this information to tailor your presentation accordingly. As people exit the webinar ask them a short series of follow-up questions to further qualify them. Questions like these can provide timely information for your sales reps: What did you like most about this presentation? How likely are you to use this service? Would you like a sales rep to contact you? Record your seminar Post the webinar on your website for future viewing. Build a reference library of past webinars for your customers and prospects to peruse at their leisure. Recorded webinars and their Q&As can also be very helpful in training new employees or reviewing customer input prior to a new product launch, selling event, or internal business strategy session.

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Webinars Unleashed Follow up Send a follow-up e-mail to participants thanking them for their attendance. Include additional relevant information; invite them to the next webinar. Send a “sorry we missed you” email to registrants who did not attend. Nurture these prospects to entice them to attend your next event. Pass all registrants and participants to Sales for follow-up. Include survey/qualifying information.

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