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We invite you to watch the introduction to Xpress Healthcare, it's healthcare plans and the business opportunity working with our company. Please feel free to contact me after watching the video. Websites and phone number are included on the video.


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I’d like to introduce you to our Business Opportunity Hi, I’m Julie Klein an Affiliate Business Owner with Xpress Healthcare

Xpress Healthcare : 

Xpress Healthcare We offer a great alternative or supplement to health insurance for the millions who have no coverage or are underinsured, because they can’t afford or don’t qualify for health insurance. We can also help those who only need to save on their dental care and prescriptions. By using our program, companies can also provide an affordable healthcare plan to their employees.

Our ProductsComprehensive Package $39.95/month : 

Our ProductsComprehensive Package $39.95/month Premium Package $19.95/month Enjoy Generous Savings on: * Retail Pharmacy * Dental Care (Aetna Dental Access) * Vision Care * Hearing Care Program * Medical Supplies & Equipment * Vitamins/Nutritionals We offer significant discounts on: •  Retail Pharmacy •  Dental Care (Aetna Dental Access) •  Physician Care •  Hospital Care •  Vision Care •  Chiropractic Care •  24-Hour Nurseline •  Mail Order Pharmacy •  Laboratory/Radiology Services •  Vitamins/Nutritionals •  Hearing Care Program •  Medical Supplies & Equipment •  Complementary Alternative Care PLUS we offer these great services: •  Online Physician •  Wellness Profile •  TelaDoc •  Global Healthcare Program •  Online Psychologist Program •  Online Pharmacist •  Online Dentist •  Online Health Assessment

Xpress Healthcare Also Offers an Amazing Business Opportunity! : 

Xpress Healthcare Also Offers an Amazing Business Opportunity! To help us sell our Discount Plans to millions of Americans, we’re growing our sales force by offering Affiliate Business Owners (ABO’s) an opportunity to work with us. If you’d like to be your own boss, work your own hours and work at home while building a residual income, we have the best program around!

Earn a Residual Income : 

Earn a Residual Income You’ll be paid each time you Sell Plan Memberships and for Bringing Other ABO’s into Xpress Healthcare. You’ll earn residual commission and be paid every single month for every active plan and ABO you sign. Xpress Healthcare Offers a 3-Tier Compensation Plan. You’ll be paid for all business you write plus that of two levels of ABO’s in your Organization.

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Cost to You : 

Cost to You $7.70 for your first two weeks. You’ll have: Full access to your back office Full access to all websites Full access to all marketing materials Normal commission/overrides $77.00 a month starting at the end of your trial period. You’ll own a business with only $77 a month overhead! No additional charges!

Join Today! : 

Join Today! Act now! Visit the websites on the next page. Then contact me at 520-378-6071. Take advantage of our 2-week trial for the cost of lunch out! Thank You! I’m looking forward to working with you!

Check Out These Websites! : 

Check Out These Websites! Video covering our products: http://www.familyhealthdiscounts.biz Back office video tour: www.youtube.com/watch?v=oiZKORcdcP      More information about the business opportunity: www.julie.xpressabo.com/opportunity Julie Klein – 520/378-6071

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