The Greatest Threat to Democracy

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By: CoachTallman (105 month(s) ago)

e-mail is as follows: Thank you very much! Kevin Tallman

By: CoachTallman (105 month(s) ago)

I enjoyed your ppt on how to dig out and would like to feature it to my Econ class tomorrow night. May I dowload it? Thank you,

By: 7moonlight (105 month(s) ago)

Coach Tallman, I am glad that you enjoyed the "dig out" presentation. You may use it, but please don't take credit for it.


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The Greatest Threat to Democracy Religious Right:

Slide 2:

Can you be a good Christian and disagree with the Religious Right?

Slide 3:

Do you know what their agenda is – and how it affects your life?

Slide 4:

Or why the Religious Right must have control over ALL aspects of your life?

Slide 5:

Discover how school vouchers are part of a bigger agenda for our nation’s schools

Slide 6:

And how the nation’s youth are part of their agenda in this WAR

Slide 7:

Discover how it is not solely about abortion – but ALL contraceptives

Today’s Headlines Explained:

Today’s Headlines Explained

Slide 9:

How does the separation of Church and State really impact you?

Slide 10:

How they create issue-based wedges to tear moderate churches apart

Slide 11:

Find out how the Religious Right began and how they became the political power brokers they are today

Slide 12:

Are the Religious Right more successful at achieving their agenda than you thought possible?

Slide 13:

Find out how they do most of their work behind the scenes and why….

Slide 14:

Who is in the White House doesn’t stop them.

Slide 15:

Unmask the key Religious Right leaders and organizations

Slide 16:

Know their tactics and marketing ploys

Slide 17:

And why it impacts you, whether you realize it or not!

Slide 18:

Understand the real reasons behind their world views and…

Slide 19:

How this impacts local, state and national policies.

Slide 20:

Even international relations

Slide 21:

Understand how a religious “litmus” test violates the U.S. Constitution.

Slide 22:

Why it is crucial to them that the United States MUST be founded as a Christian nation

Slide 23:

…and how they are rewriting U.S. history to say so.

Slide 24:

Look at how destructive any uniting of church and state has been in history

Slide 25:

Find out exactly how the Religious Right impacts your family and your rights…

Slide 26:

…where you are today – here and now!

Slide 27:

And how you can become active and protect your rights No matter how little time you have.

Slide 28:

Told from a former Religious Right member and now revealed to you and backed with research

Slide 29:

In a clear format and plain English

Slide 30: Find us on Facebook too Coming Soon to a Book store near you Paperback & ebook

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