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SIMULATION Contents Introduction Meaning Application of simulation Procedure Simulation models The steps in simulation process Advantages of simulation Disadvantages of simulation


INTRODUCTION Simulation is a quantitative that utilizes a computerized symbolic model. In order to represent actual decision making under conditions of uncertainty of evaluating alternative courses of action based upon facts and assumptions.

Meaning : 

Meaning Simulation is a numerical technique for conducting experiments on digital computer , which involves certain types of mathematical and logical relationship necessary to describe the behavior and structure of a complex real word system over extended period of time .


APPLICATION OF SIMULATION Aircraft scheduling Bank teller scheduling Bus scheduling Brand selection Locating warehouses Library operations design


PROCEDURE The approaches for solving a problem in gambling can be extended to decision making in business were risk is common feature .The probabilities association with variables can be estimated on the basis of past data if available


SIMULATION MODELS Deterministic models Probabistic models Static model Dynamic model

The steps in simulation process : 

The steps in simulation process Define the problem Analyses cost & benefits Code the model Validate the model Plan the experiment Analyses the result &draw the conclusions Document & implement the findings


ADVANTAGES Simulation has been described as” what to do when all else fails”. We can investigate the consequences for a system of possible change in parameters in terms of the model. The knowledge of a simulation is very valuable. It helps us to assess the possible risk involved in a new policy before actually implementing it. Simulation methods are easier to apply than pure analytical methods.


LIMITATIONS OF SIMULATION Simulation does not generate the solution techniques. Models are sometime ,expensive & take a long time to develop . Models do not produce answers by themselves. Not all situation can be evaluated . Only situation involving uncertainty are considered. It dose not generate optimal solution to problem. The user has to provide all the constraints for the solution which he wants to examine .


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