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Study of Human Ear :

Study of Human Ear

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The ear is the sensory organ of sound . The sense of hearing is sensitive to the sound stimuli . Every structure of the ear has their own functions and are very important

Three main parts of the Ear:

Three main parts of the Ear

Outer Ear:

Outer Ear Outer Ear pinna auditory canal

Outer Ear:

Outer Ear Structure Function/Explanation Pinna Pinna is a lso called auricle or external ear , the flap like organ on either side of the head . Made of cartilage and skin and shaped like a funnel. It collects and directs sounds into the ear canal . Auditory canal Auditory canal is a tunnel or passageway that begins at the external ear and extends inward toward the eardrum. A long tube lined with hairs. It directs sounds to the eardrum .

Middle Ear:

Middle Ear

Middle Ear:

Middle Ear Structure Function/Explanation Eardrum Eardrum also known as the tympanic membrane. A thin membrane located at the end of the auditory canal separating the outer ear from the middle ear . It vibrates and transmits sound waves to the ossicles . Ossicles Made up of three small bones which is the hammer , the anvil and the stirrup . It intensifies the vibrations of the sound waves by 22 times before transmitting to the oval window . Eustachian tube A narrow tube that joins the middle ear to the throat that balances the air pressure at both sides of the eardrum . Oval window An oval-shaped, thin membrane between the middle ear and the inner ear . It transmits sound vibrations from the middle ear to the inner ear .

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Inner ear

Inner ear:

Inner ear Structure Function/Explanation Cochlea Cochlea is a s nail-like structure in the inner ear that contains the anatomical structures responsible for hearing . Filled with liquid and contains the ends of nerve cells . The vibration of the oval window causes this liquid to vibrate . The vibration is detected by the nerve cells and are then changed into impulses. Auditory nerve It carries the impulses to the brain which then interprets the impulses as sound. Semicircular canals For body balance.

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Check noise levels in your surroundings to protect your ear.

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