The Hunt for New Overalls

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The Hunt For New Overalls: 

The Hunt For New Overalls By . Shannon Sayles and Maddie Kolhmann


One day he was working and he noticed a rip in his overalls and he said,”Oh that isn’t anything!’ “The days grew longer and his overalls grew shorter. Then all of a sudden POOF!!


They were gone! It started to rain as he faintly sang, “Those overalls… were made … for working.” Then he slowly walked home. A little boy asked “where are your overalls?”


“Gone with the wind.” he said. Right after he said that the boy ran off to the village and yelled, “Puss lost his overalls.”


Then a little girl said,” We could give him money.” “Good idea!” shouted the villagers. So they began picking wild flowers but no one knew the flowers were magic , and that they granted wishes . One girl wished that Puss could have overalls that never got worn out. Guess what happened?


The wish came true!!!! All of a sudden people saw Puss farming as fast as he could! The villagers were amazed. Puss grew enough crops for the rest of the year! It was all because of the great magic Flowers!!!!!!!!!

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