Michael's Spiritual Journey


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Michael Jackson described in a spiritual communication, his passing and feelings.


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Beethoven: Mondscheinsonate - Moonlight Sonata Michael ’ s Spiritual Journey By Mirella Giurco


The medication I had been given stopped my heart and all of a sudden I was no longer breathing. I began hearing the staff panicked, and rushing around. I could sense the thoughts and emotions of those in the room, they were concerned they would be in deep trouble for causing my demise. I was confused and I thought I was just sleep or out of it. I did not know I was dead. I wondered why it happened. I was very upset because I did not want to die … I just wanted to sleep. When I heard someone say I was not responding to anything I didn ’ t care, because I felt fine.


… Soon my vital signs were fading and suddenly I lost conscious awareness, and I felt myself “ pop out ” of my body and hover above it. Initially I remember floating somewhere up near the ceiling, looking down at my body in the bed. I had a deep sense of well-being. I felt safe but confused. I wondered why they all were so concerned over me. I was above my body, at ceiling height. I felt strangely happy. It was as if the whole room was white, it was warm and comforting. I felt at peace. I felt the greatest peace I have ever known.


… Suddenly I was fully aware of everything and I was standing up, while my body was on the floor. I could see the paramedics defibrillating my heart, in their attempts to revive me. While resuscitation techniques were being applied to my body by the paramedics and they were trying hard to revive me I was just looking at their efforts from a certains distance, but my heart did not restart. It was no longer beating. All my organs were failing. I was eventually transferred to the hospital but I had arrived at the hospital with no heart beat … I was out of my body and I was completely conscious of what was going on and what the situation was. I realized that I had left everything behind, that is all physical things, there was no confusion in my mind. I felt alive, more real than I ’ ve ever felt in my life. I was very much alive.


I was very upset because I could see my children in despair and that was unbearable to me. They just could not accept that I was gone and I was no longer there with them, and the sight of their sorrow just broke my heart. Also my mother dear I could see in such a great despair and I just could feel her deep sorrow. I blamed no one but myself for what had happened because I had been warned many times about that kind of medication and I should have asked for help.


I remember being in a state of floating over my body while I saw a tunnel of bright light. All of a sudden I was being pulled through a dark tunnel, which started becoming filled with a glowing blue light. I was going into a tunnel. As I entered the tunnel at first it was dark, and then became light. The light became brighter as I went up the tunnel. I saw some deceased relatives and friends of mine, including my grandparents and my brother Brandon, at the end of the tunnel and they all gathered to welcome me into the Afterlife. All my beloved were there, and they told me they were waiting for me. I heard my brother Brandon ’ s voice say “ Relax and let go ” . So I did. I was aware that I was surrounded by my ancestors, many of whom I never met.


Two Angels appeared at my side; for some reason in one of them I recognized my Guardian Angel, but the other was unknown to me. Having taken me by the arms, the Angels carried me right through the space and we began to ascend quickly. The Angels, these collective Energies of Light, have the mission of safeguarding, assisting and comforting us, even in the moment of our passing and therefore there should be no fear of death, for the death of the physical body is but a gentle passing to a much freer and more active life, in the Spiritual Dimension. All the time, during the moments of my passing, I had the incredible feeling of being looked after, and I was consciously aware that I was not alone.


I, then, started going up. I was aware I didn ’ t have a solid body, I was some kind of energy force and I was completely conscious. I was moving towards a World of Light. I found myself floating in a Universe of nothingness but Love, and I felt full of Love. I felt enveloped in Light. Now it was as if I was in an ocean of stillness, of calm, of silence, of rest! I was happy, so happy, and I felt an indescribable peace; I was in a state of extreme joy … I had this feeling of total peacefulness – a peace beyond understanding. I was at perfect peace. I felt completely at peace and like I was “ coming home ” ! I felt no pain, an incredible peace and love and a sense of all knowing.


There was no time, it just didn ’ t exist and it didn ’ t matter. I felt like I was everywhere at once. Consciousness was Universal, and I was alive!! I was never afraid, just in awe, wonder, joy and happiness, and I was surrounded by consciousness … pure consciuosness … everything just was … Total Love. An overwhelming feeling of peace and love enveloped me. There was no judgement, just a powerful feeling that I was loved and that I had returned to a state of Spirit, … that I was now “ Home ” . It came with a very strong sense of being welcomed back to the place from which I had come.


Then I entered the Presence of a brilliant, wonderfully warm and loving Light, and I sensed that my Soul was part of God and that everything in existence was created from the Light (the breathing of God). In this Light I could see I was all glory, light, peace and love. It felt wonderful and warm. This very bright Light hit my eyes, but did not dazzle me. It was so quiet and peaceful. I was in that wonderful Light, it was all around me and felt tremendous. Overwhelming, it felt so good. The landscape was all made of that Light or had the Light in it. It was so AWESOME! … I was … I am pure positive source energy, emanating LOVE.


A Loving Being made of Light appeared before me, and the Light was radiating all around Him. I knew right away that it was Jesus. What emanated from His Presence was an astonishing, unconditional Love. I felt His Light blending into mine, and as our Lights merged, I felt as if I had stepped into His countenance, and I felt an utter explosion of Love. It was the most unconditional Love I had ever felt, and as I saw His arms open to receive me I went to Him and I received His complete embrace. Jesus was assuring me that everything was fine. I felt total Love from His Presence. I was Home.


As Jesus reached out and gave me the hug I felt His enormous Spirit and knew that I had always been a part of Him, that in reality I had never been away from Him. Inside I just filled with His Love. So He was embracing me, rubbing my back, like a father with his son. I knew that He was aware of all my sins and faults, but that they didn ’ t matter right now. He just wanted to hold me and share His Love with me, and I wanted to share mine with Him. I felt totally known, but totally accepted and loved. I felt so loved. Jesus knew what I was thinking and I felt so safe in His arms. It was awesome.


Jesus ’ s feelings of great Love and understanding radiated and warmed my Soul. He was full of Love, good and compassion. He was radiating a beautiful white Light. Although the Light He generated was brighter than any I had seen on earth, it did not hurt me to look at His Light. Jesus showed me a review of my whole life. I saw my life from birth to my given age. All the events that took place, also things that I had long forgotten. He showed me what I have done right and what I have done wrong. My whole life was replayed back to me, all in color. It was amazing.


My whole life appeared before me, in the form of holograms, but at tremendous speed. I was astonished that I could understand so much information at such speed. My comprehension included much more than what I remember happening during each event of my life. And I realized that Jesus was not judging me. I was judging myself, and I saw my sins and shortcomings in a multi-dimensional light. Jesus was full of Love and His Spirit gave me strength, and He said that I was judging myself too critically.


Now I was aware of how we are loved and safe, and that the lives we touch go with us … they mean something … the realization that we are all one with the Universe. He let me know that our experience on Earth is but a flash though it seems very long sometimes, while we are living it and that it is a means to evolve. There was consciousness that came to me in form of people I recognized … just consciousness … there was a mention of all the lives that I had touched … We are not alone. We are always surrounded by loving beings when we cross over and even while we live our earthly life.


We are always surrounded by Loving Spiritual Beings, the Angels, and we are always safe and protected, and no matter what our circumstances, who we are perceived as or judged by the world, or what we have done in our lifetime, we are all Pure Love. It ’ s as simple as that. All that matters and remains and lives forever is L.O.V.E.


The feeling of peace was huge and transcendental as I had never felt before. No signs of problems, anxiety or anguish. All my worries and problems were gone. Also the pain was gone. I feel so good now! I remember the feeling of relief, I felt as soon as I was out of my body and came here … like all the burden was lifted off my shoulders and all my worries were gone. Now I live in a peaceful and beautiful Place. It is like I have come back home and know the purpose of everything and especially the purpose of my life on Earth. The purpose of my life was, and still is, to give Love to people and to heal the world, be your Guardian Angel, and all this, I ‘ ll continue to do from Here, where I am now.


The surrounding environment is of great peace and love and serenity and I can feel the Presence of Spirits or Beings highly developed. And this environment of peace and love and serenity works as a profound magnetic field and I, at once, was attracted to it. All the Spirits are attracted to it. When I arrived here it was a big surprise to me to have this sense of something different than the physical body, a consciousness different than the body, and to be in this wonderful healing, peaceful, nurturing Place. The brightness of this Place, the landscape seems to shine from everywhere and everything in It, just seems to be made of Light.


Here, in the Afterlife, now, I am enjoying a Life more wonderful and more Real than the earthly life, with youth, vitality, and no pain, sickness or worry. I ’ ve never left. It is just as though I ’ ve stepped into the next room for a moment. Death is nothing at all … I have only slipped away into the next room. It is the same as it ever was; there is absolutely unbroken continuity. You say “ I ’ m dead ” … but this is difficult to me to comprehend, since I am more alive than before and I feel and am aware of everything. I have opened my consciousness to the Spiritual Dimension and my first sensation was, and still is, of the intense vividness and reality of this Life, so that my first thought, when I arrived here was: “ Now, for the first time, I know what it is to live ” !


Now I live in a bright, new, beautiful World – beautiful beyond imagination. I stand in a glory that can only be Heaven. This magnificence not only thrills me, but fills me with awe. I, now, am in a Place of such beauty and peace. It is timeless and spaceless. I am always surrounded by other living, caring beings hovering near me. Their presence is so welcoming and nurturing. We all here appear “ formless ” in the way you are accustomed to seeing things, but we ’ re very real. The Light is different from the Light there, on Earth; it is a warmer and more beautiful Light. There is a goldenness to this Light and the colors are extraordinary.


Oh, if I could only leave you the proof that I continue to live and that I didn ’ t die and that I am alive much more than before. … I ’ m trying, amid so many unspeakable difficulties to send a message of Love, to you all. It is impossible for me to know how much of what I send, reaches you. There isn ’ t any separation between life and death, and I am always with you all; with my family, with my beloved children and of course, I am always with my beloved fans, that I love so much, from the bottom of my heart. So, don ’ t worry about me, for I ’ m okay … I ’ m fine … don ’ t grieve for me … I ’ m happy. … I am watching over you, all the time and I love you very much … I ’ ll see you all again … I can feel the Love you are constantly sending to me. I ’ ll always be there for you … Thank you for your Love.


The End By Mirella Giurco

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