Automotive Motor Control System for BLDC Motors


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A Automotive Motor Control System is a mind boggling mix of Microcontroller Unit, Gate Driver IC, MOSFETs and engines with plainly characterized jobs. The blog investigates how every one of these segments cooperate to drive a car BLDC Motor.


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Embitel Technologies International presence: Automotive Motor Control System for BLDC Motors

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Embitel Technologies International presence: In any Mechanical or Electronic framework any place there is a nonstop rotational movement required there is a Motor. Whats more in the cutting edge car where comfort is as essential as the driving productivity Motors assume a vital job. Be it the windows seats guiding turbochargers ventilation folds or brakes there are Electric Motors to be found in every one of these parts. Actually there are a couple of hundred electric engines in a traveler auto. They are called Motor-Cars which is as it should be The engines in any case dont begin and stop without anyone else. In the same way as other car segments that are controlled by Electronic Control Units ECU there are likewise Motor Control Systems to drive a Motor. To comprehend this framework in detail we met our car colleagues who were more than anxious to impart their insight and experiences to us. While we had a fundamental comprehension of Automotive Motor Controllers we didnt have the faintest of thought regarding how cutting-edge these engine control frameworks have moved toward becoming. This blog is tied in with imparting these figuring out how to our locale of Automotive Developers. Automotive Motor Control System

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Embitel Technologies International presence: Different Types of Motors in Automobile There are primarily 3 types of motors that are widely used in the vehicles: 1. Brushed DC Motors 2. Brushless DC Motors 3. AC Induction Motor

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Embitel Technologies International presence: Components of a Motor control system: 1. Microcontroller 2. Gate Driver IC 3. MOSFETs 4. Hall Effect Sensors Motor Control System is Required to Implement this Logic.

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Embitel Technologies International presence: Common Applications of Motors in Vehicles: • Electronic Power Steering • Seating Control • Electric Vehicles Drivetrain Contact us today for Motor Control System Mail us at

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