Kidney failure treatment with stem cell therapy

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Kidney failure treatment with stem cell therapy The R3 Stem Cell organization is generating new therapies to restore kidney illness decreasing the need for dialysis and transplantation. Diabetes is a destructive disease. The irregularity of blood sugar causes small variations in the body that slowly lead to blurry vision skin rashes and damaged nerves. In severe cases diabetes carries away the path of blood to the kidneys causing eventual organ collapse. In particular half of all kidney failures in the United States are caused by diabetes. For the bulk of sufferers who end up on the waiting list for a kidney transplant a determination of kidney failure means a decision between dialysis and certain death. Dialysis takes both time and money. Most patients must drive to a dialysis center three times per week to be secured up to a machine for four hours per session. The annual costs for this treatment are about 80000 per patient and rising. The total amount of private and public reserves spent on the method will quickly reach 50 billion per year. A single kidney transplant

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is similar in cost to about two-and-a-half years of dialysis but it usually takes three years to find an accessible donor match. Stem Cell Therapy is the best Treatment all over the USA. You can consult our Doctor. For More You can visit us at or Contact Us at 844 438-3876

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