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I’ve seen many people wondering what’s the difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com. So, if you’re reading this, we assume you’ve got the same question in your mind. You’re probably confused which one to choose. I’ll be trying to answer your question and help you to choose the right one through this PDF. Read the full article at: https://fluentthemes.com/wordpress-com-vs-wordpress-org-the-right-choice/


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PAGE What is WordPress WordPress is a free and open-source content management system CMS based on PHP and MySQL. Essentially WordPress works the same in either format. WordPress is a content management tool that runs almost 30 of the entire internet. And today we are going to compare the details between WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

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PAGE WordPress.com WordPress.com is a blogging platform that is owned and hosted online by Automattic. WordPress.org WordPress.org is where you can download free software or the blogging platform to install on your own site. Defining .com .org versions of WordPress

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PAGE Wordpress.com You can get a free blog at WordPress.com. You dont need to pay for hosting or a domain. WordPress.com does n’t allow you to use plugins and this is the biggest drawback of .com version so you dont need to pay for them. In the .com version you are not allowed to edit the back end either. In short you get the power of WordPress without the ability of customizing it.

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PAGE Pro’s of wordpress.com It’s free It’s easier It’s secure It’s strong It’s free paid version is available but you should use the .org version if you want to get better off.. Setting it up is much easier than the self-hosted WordPress option. So you can do it yourself and can save the cost of having a professional do it for you. Everything is taken care of: setup upgrades spam backups security etc. Hundreds of servers are supporting your blog so it’s highly unlikely to go down due to traffic.

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PAGE Con’s of wordpress.com It’s stiff It’s limited You can’t upload plugins customize the PHP code either. As a result the flexibility of customizing your site is limited. Using custom third-party themes/templates is one of the best benefits of using WordPress but you can’t use them at .com version. It’s common Though they do provide 100+ themes but you cannot go beyond since customizing isn’t allowed. So the chance of getting a more professional unique look and feel is minimum.

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PAGE Wordpress.org WordPress.org is where you can download free software or the blogging platform to install on your own site. You don ’t get a free server like .com users get. The server is your own. You can customize your website using plugins and edit the theme as well it isnt very hard. Basically you have the full control over your theme and have the ability to control and access every advanced features through plugins.

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PAGE Pro’s of wordpress.org It’s functional It’s unique It’s manage- able It’s yours Uploading plugins are allowed which gives your site more functionality. You can customize your website by uploading themes which gives your website a more professional and unique look. Full Control over the code. If you’re technical minded or like to outsource advanced website features. You can do whatever you want on your site because of owning it.

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PAGE Con’s of wordpress.org It’s costly It’s complex Money is needed to host your own website. More technical knowledge is required to set up and run. It’s vulnerable Need to be updated and secure.

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PAGE Long story short WordPress.com is a good choice if you want to blog personally and keep as a personal journal and don’t want to customize your blog and have access to the advanced features. for people who want to blog but dont want to edit the blog have access to advanced features or monetize it. WordPress.org is suitable for the people who want full control over their website which includes customizing uploading plugins editing the code and using custom third- party themes / templates. Though there are costs associated with hosting designing and customization etc. eventually it is extremely low compared to a traditional offline business. Wrapping up If you are looking to use a personal blog just as a diary or as a personal journal the no cost/low tech .com version is suitable for you. However if you want to have full access over your website use your website commercially and make money from it then the .org version is highly recommended for you. Once youve successfully set up your blog you may want to index it in google. See this article on How To SPEED UP Indexing Your WordPress Site In Google and discover the top ways to have a good ranking in a short time.

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PAGE ABOUT US We are Fluent-Themes a creative and dedicated group of people who love WordPress as much as we love our all the customers. In 2015 we set out to WordPress theme market and make eye caching wp themes. Since then we are helping thousands of people to make their own website as they want. Key Features Of The Themes ✓ Fast Loading ✓ Highly Customizable ✓ Clean Code ✓ Free Premium Plugins ✓ Parallax Effects ✓ Well Documented

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