Social Networking Site Advantages and Disadvantages

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Advantage And Disadvantage Of Social Networking Sites WEL-COME

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Social Networking Sites


SocialNetworking • Communities of people who shareinterests and activities. • Social networks connect people at low cost .


Increase leads and sales Building customer relationship Create awareness and engage people Form alliances ADVANTAGES

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Full of Viral Potential Educational Benefits Good for HR Health benefits

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* Create and maintain many relationships. * Information comes to you. * Provides ability to participate and contribute. * Professional networking Promote issues important to you.

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Social networking sites were originally designed as a tool to bring people together In short, these sites make it easy to connect and communicate with people. The good thing about social networking sites is that, they are for free. Newscasters are now able to keep the public aware of recent events and yet have storage for past events in electronic archives .

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You need not pay for any advertising in order to market your products . Users who have past experience in medical, education and even financing, can share advice with people who have questions on forums Through these sites, they are able attract people who might be interested in the services that they can offer. Not only that, through this , they are also able to track down the activities of their competitors .

These are the best advantages of social networking sites:

These are the best advantages of social networking sites


DISADVANTAGES Identity theft Addictive Online harassment/Cyber Stalking Creating imposter(false) profiles

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Cyber phishing Chances of malware additions . Time waster/lack of human touch Usage by burglars for planning thefts

Slide 13:

1. Anyone can upload any kinds of Photo, Video( e.g porn) 2. Any comments you can pass through it...(bad & good) 3. You can create any community here ( e.g something bad or terror) 4. people loose their security by providing self information in those site

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* Posting private information puts a user at risk of having his/her identity stolen (at the least ). * Sexual offenders and stalkers could easily search your name and find enough information to put you in danger . * Companies are able to look at a user’s profile and if they can decide whether to hire a person based on what they saw on the profile



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