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Survey Methodology-Robert M. Groves et al : 

Survey Methodology-Robert M. Groves et al 2008/10/21 趙偉翔

大綱 : 

大綱 調查方法學 民意調查類型 母體與抽樣 問卷設計 調查誤差 調查執行與品質管理 加權 資料分析 實例討論

調查方法學 : 

調查方法學 Survey:有明確的目標,利用系統的方式收集母群體(population)的資料,並用量化指標描述母群體特性 (美國統計學會,1995) Survey Methodology:探討Survey設計、蒐集、分析與成本效益分析之學問 Source: Survey Methodology ,Chapter 1.

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Choose mode of collection Choose sampling frame Construct and pretest questionnaire Define and select sample Design and implement data collection Code and edit data Make adjustments Perform analysis Define research objectives

民意調查的類型 : 

民意調查的類型 Mail Telephone Face-to-face CATI CAPI Disk by mail E-mail Web TDE SAQ Source: Survey Methodology ,Chapter 5. Fax IVR/T-ACASI Text-CASI

母體與抽樣 : 

母體與抽樣 Survey population Sampling frame Eligible units (households and persons) Frame elements Coverage error (the half-open interval、multiplicity sampling、multiple frame designs) Source: Survey Methodology ,Chapter 3.

問卷設計 : 

問卷設計 Questionnaire: Instruction (介紹語、填答介紹) Questions (明確、客觀、單一) Responses (充分反映特性、週延、互斥) Source: Survey Methodology ,Chapter 7,8.

調查誤差的來源--抽樣誤差 : 

調查誤差的來源--抽樣誤差 Source: Survey Methodology ,Chapter 4. N=1,068 E=error (誤差) 、 Z=臨界值 P=probability(估計的比例) 、N=樣本數

調查誤差的來源--非抽樣誤差 : 

調查誤差的來源--非抽樣誤差 Failure to deliver the survey request The refusal to participate The inability to participate Source: Survey Methodology ,Chapter 6.

調查執行與品質管理 : 

調查執行與品質管理 Reducing interviewer bias Experienced interviewer Standard interviewer behavior Reducing interviewer related variance Minimizing nonstandard interviewer behavior Professional interviewer behavior Reading questions as they are worded Explaining the survey process Probing nondirectively Source: Survey Methodology ,Chapter 9.

加權 : 

加權 Weighting Ratio adjustment Differential selection probabilities Adjust for unit nonresponse Poststratification Source: Survey Methodology ,Chapter 10.

資料分析 : 

資料分析 描述性統計 Frequencies Central tendency Dispersion 統計分析 T test、Chi-square、Regression Source: Survey Methodology ,Chapter 10.


BRFSS Start by 1984 Varies by state. (n=3,075) Collect uniform, state-specific data on preventive health practices and risk behaviors that are linked to chronic diseases, injuries, and preventable infectious diseases in adult Source: Survey Methodology ,Chapter 1.

謝謝聆聽, 敬請指教! : 

謝謝聆聽, 敬請指教!

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