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Forex news trading is a strategy of trading Forex based on economic news . Also known as fundamental News Trading, the high impact news are the primary driver of the Forex market, and by understanding how to take advantage of these events, you can increase your profitability. In the same way as a company's stocks get affected when news about the company's financial performance comes out , the same is true with currencies . Any news from or related to a country it will directly affect that country's currency . This is where Forex news trading comes in. Forex news trading takes advantage of the market volatility and sometimes wild fluctuations when these high impact economic news are released . Many novice traders come to a rude realization of the importance of news events only after seeing a perfectly profitable trade turn into a loss in matter of seconds, while experienced Forex news traders anticipate the move and consistently make a profit. News Trading And Where To Get Your Forex Calendar News Trading And Where To Get Your Forex Calendar (Courtesy of

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Now , how can you become a news trader and take advantage of news trading? I will offer a few tips and links to some free online tools to get you started : One of the most essential tools that you will need is access to a Forex Calendar. There are many economic calendars online, but you should find one that is specific to Forex trading. These calendars will usually show you a list of the scheduled news on a daily basis . It lists the time of news , country of news , type of news , and impact to the currency . Usually , you would want to trade only the high impact news releases . The most important factor is to check the actual and the forecast numbers . The forecast number is what economists expect the number is going to be. If the actual news release number comes out much better or worse than the forecasted number , this is when it is considered a surprise ; and it will tend to move all of the currency pairs that are related to that currency’s news . For example , if the US Non- Farm Payroll comes out better or worse than forecast , it will usually move all of the USD crosses on average 50~100 pips . For example , EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, AUDUSD, USDCHF. News Trading And Where To Get Your Forex Calendar News Trading And Where To Get Your Forex Calendar (Courtesy of

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Another important point is to read lots of news . This process could be overwhelming , so it is usually recommended that you concentrate on one currency at first . For example , only read the US news and only trade the US news . An excellent source of a good Forex Calendar is It has a comprehensive news calendar that only shows the tradable high impact news that can potentially move a particular currency . Also , it shows the deviation that you should look for in order for a news release to qualify as a surprise , and the number of pips that you should expect from that particular news if the deviation is hit . Besides from the excellent Forex Calendar , Currency News Trading also offers daily market headlines , analysis to upcoming news trading events , Trading videos and tutorials . Essentially , it is a Forex news trader paradise of free information and tools . Forex news trading can indeed be profitable . The keys are preparing thoroughly and acting swiftly during news trading. Once you have the right tools and information , and have mastered it , Forex news trading can be a beneficial addition to an investor's trading strategies . News Trading And Where To Get Your Forex Calendar News Trading And Where To Get Your Forex Calendar (Courtesy of

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