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How It Works!:

How It Works!

Welcome to 4MYWORLD:

Welcome to 4MYWORLD W e are a community comprised of entrepreneurs, hobbyist, full and part-timers, retirees, students, and professionals (to name a few) who enjoy making money, being part of a community and helping others realize their dreams. Fun. Freedom. Fulfillment. Compensation.

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W e all love to visit social networks (i.e. Facebook, MySpace, etc.) because we can connect with people, promote business, and have an enjoyable online experience. We have all helped them build strong communities and grow i nto billion dollar c ompanies. How do they thank you? They d on’t! When you Build your 4MYWORLD Community, y ou will share in the w ealth! They don’t share the wealth! Facebook Bebo Twitter Myspace $6.5 Billion $10 Billion $1.7 Billion $1.8 Billion 500 Million Users 125 Million Users 34 Million Users 190 Million Users

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4 3 2 1 Become Part of The Community Have Fun, Make Friends, Enjoy! Help Build the Community–Invite Others Make Money….. It’s Really Simple

Privileges of Membership:

Privileges of Membership Enjoy old friends and Make New Ones Share Photos Win Prizes Share Videos

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Create Groups Write Your Blog Video Chat Play Games Share Music Watch Movies Entertainment and Sports News Movie Tickets Broadcast your Event Advertise your business location Shop Grow Your Community …..Most importantly you can EARN money!

Membership Options:

Membership Options Free (standard) Members Standard Membership in the 4MYWORLD community is “FREE”. Everyone 14 and up is welcome. Free members earn points and win prizes by being active community members . In fact, you have all of the privileges of a premium member, except the ability to earn money.

Membership Options :

Premium Level Membership Premium members are members that elect to pay the premium (bronze level) membership fee. The bronze level membership fee is currently $25.00. Premium members not only enjoy all the privileges of the community, they earn points and prizes and they earn “CASH” when they refer other premium members that are active in the community. (additional premium levels coming in the future enabling a greater earnings potential. Under 18 must have parent permission to become a premium member). Membership Options Let’s See How You G et P aid!

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Community Members Payout You Earn You can refer as many as you like but only 4 will fill your first level. The others will be forced to levels 2–4. You will still earn while helping others earn too. We work together. Get Paid Monthly by Check, Direct Deposit, PayPal or issued Well Fargo PayCard. You are automatically re-entered to make $425.00 over and over again. **$25.00 from earnings used for re-entry. No more money out of pocket. Level 1 4 6.25 $25.00 Level 2 16 3.00 $48.00 Level 3 64 1.50 $96.00 Level 4 256 1.00 $256.00 Automatic Re-entry You have earned: $425.00 In addition to earning prizes by gaining points for community activity, premium members earn by referring members and building the Community… This is How We Do It…

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Come Join Us! Click Here to Go to the Community

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