Examples: Brand Building through Social Media

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Examples: Brand Building through Social Media:

Examples: Brand Building through Social Media

Kitchen Equipment Company & YouTube:

Kitchen Equipment Company & YouTube ~200M video views ~400K channel subscribers 700% increase in Sales Brand Building * Source: www.freebusinessvideosri.com Company: BlendTec

Retail Brand & YouTube:

Retail Brand & YouTube Sponsored an already popular Video, taking indirect credit in the end 42M+ views, 230K+ likes Brand Building *Source: http:// businessandyoutube.com Company: Stride Gum

Consumer Packaged Goods &Facebook:

Consumer Packaged Goods & Facebook 100K+ people liked the Huggies HK Facebook page in only three weeks 6K+ baby photos were uploaded Strong sales growth momentum Brand Building *Source: http://bit.ly/LG7VsV Company: Huggies

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