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Examples: Sales through Social Media:

Examples: Sales through Social Media

E-Commerce & Social Media:

E-Commerce & Social Media Discover a new event Share it Buy tickets Sales *Source: http:// Users are encouraged to share events on their Social Media profiles Event sharing provides viral reach and ultimately leads to revenue Facebook : $2.52 per share Twitter: $0.43 per share LinkedIn : $0.90 per share Company: Eventbrite

Startup & Twitter:

Startup & Twitter Foiled Cupcakes did not have a website Built 2,200 targeted twitter followers in 6 weeks and sold to them Surpassed initial revenue targets by over 600%! * Source: Sales Company: Foiled Cupcakes

Online Retailer &Facebook:

Online Retailer & Facebook Fans share the Page Posts on their Facebook Wall. This led to 23% of the total Sales. *Source: http:// Company: Sales

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