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Windows Family : 

Windows Family There are many kinds of operating systems the most popular operating system is Windows, it include a few operating systems like Win 98, Win XP, Win Vista which are known commonly. Vista is the last member of Windows’ family.

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Windows Vista is the latest release of Microsoft Windows, a line of graphical operating systems used on personal computers, including home and business desktops, notebook computers. Windows Vista was known by its codename "Longhorn". Vista was released to the market on January 30.2007.

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Start MenuStart (and find) anything you like, instantly Lets you easily navigate across your programs Lets you instantly find any application, file, email, event, or contact It is very easy to find program thanks to start menu. It was very hard to search a file you want in XP and the older versions of Windows but with the help of renewed search system searching something become easier.

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Windows Aero This interface has got many different innovations. Although Aero is useful and smart interface, it slow down the system. The name of the Windows visual interface is aero.

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The New ExplorerBetter focus and easier navigation Key Features Enhanced Address Bar Integrated Instant Search Command Bar Navigation Pane Simple Filter Controls Preview Pane Reading Pane Taskbar Thumbnails Innovative window management

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Windows FlipInnovative window management When using Alt+Tab to switch between open windows. When you want to make a translation between the programs instead of program icons you see the preview pane.

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Sidebar New panel on the right-hand side of the screen where a user can place Desktop Gadgets. Sidebar is a very useful tool in Vista. It has got eleven different gadgets such as clock, calendar, and weather report. Moreover, different types of gadgets can be downloaded upon desire. On the other hand, many vista users don’t prefer the sidebar because it slow down the system.

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Better Dialog BoxesDialogs boxes was improved in the Vista Better WizardsNew dialog boxes enables us to understand the happenings better and it provides use a safer usage.

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Internet Explorer 7 See the sites in a whole new way Collaborate with your friends Major innovations in Windows Vista Majority of capabilities available for XP users Key areas of focus Dynamic security protection Makes everyday tasks easier More manageable and improved extensibility

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Windows Vista system requirements

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XP to Vista : 

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