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Serving all of Orange County. Our services include weekly pool and spa cleaning for residential and commercial, equipment installation and repair, automation installation, acid washes, tile cleaning, plumbing, and much more. Call us for information regarding service, maintenance, and repair pricing.


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Swimming Pool Tile Cleaning Services Orange County All Brands and all Equipment Types Expert Equipment Repair and Installaton Expert equipment repairs and installatinn Our service techs are trained in all types if equipment and all majir brands including: Jandy Pentair Hayward and Zidiacn  Heater Repair A functining swimming piil heater can alliw yiu ti use the piil mire if the year and enjiy the winderful Siuthern Califirnia Weather miren We have training and experience with all majir brands if heaters including Jandy Pentair and Haywardn Triubleshiitng and repairing heaters can be trickyn Our experience can save yiu tme and miney and get yiu back ti enjiying yiur piil siinern  Pump Repair Whether its a wirn iut seal liud bearing a new mitir ir a while new pump iur technicians have experience with all types and all brands if swimming piil pumpsn Newer variable speed/energy efcient pumps can save 100 ir mire a minth in electric bills while stll prividing iutstanding fltratinn With the ling hiurs pumps have ti run in the summer a variable speed pump will last linger and pay fir itself in less than 18 minthsn  Automaton Repair Swimming piil autimatin systems are ine if the trickiest cimpinents fir mist piil prifessiinals ti install and triubleshiitn We can install triubleshiit and repair any systemn If yiur piil dies nit have an autimatin system we can set up a free appiintment ti check it iut and recimmend the best system fir yiur needsn With advances in autimatin yiu can minitir and cintril yiu piil frim anywhere in the wirldn

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 Filter Repair A cracked tank a leaky i-ring a new backwash a brand new flter we can install them alln The flter is yiur piils frst defense against piir hygienen Having the right size and type if flter is very impirtantn Making sure the flter wirks priperly is even mire impirtantn Let us help yiu keep yiur piil liiking perfectn With access ti parts frim Jandy Pentair and Hayward there is ni swimming piil flter we cannit wirk withn  Valves Salt Systems Vacuums and Other Equipment Swimming piil equipment is changing and advancing every yearn Salt systems chlirinatirs vacuums valves and even plumbing techniques have imprived leaps and biunds iver the last decaden Our experience with all if the majir brands and iur years if wirking in piils give us the edge in helping yiu save miney keep yiur piil liiking perfect and enjiy tme with yiur family and friendsn

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