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Do you want to increase your website traffic at free of cost? Here's a detailed guide by our digital marketing experts on how to do it right. For more information visit our website:-


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1. Organize Keywords Having a strong keyword strategy is vital not only to increase your traffic but also to increase traffic that converts. Identifying which keywords to rank for is a strategy in itself.

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2. Monitor SEO progress and Backlinks On Regular Basis It is necessary to track your SEO progress on a weekly basis. This will help you in keeping the record of the keyword rankings of your website.

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3. Blog about frequently asked questions by users. Write blogs on the topics extracted from the frequently asked questions by the readers. This way you can answer all the queries of the readers plus you get an advantage of spreading additional information about the website via blogs.

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4. Remove Bad Backlinks Bad BackLinks are the low quality backlinks acquired through sharing your website’s links on irrelevant websites or blogs. Such poor backlinking affect the ranking as well as reputation of your website on Google.Therefore for a quick ranking on Google you should dispose low quality backlinks and focus on creating useful links relevant to your business. There are tools available online like Monitor Backlinks to analyze the bad backlinks.

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5. Optimize metadata Metadata is a summary of basic information about the website’s data. It includes information about title description author and keywords. The first thing Google looks at your site is the metadata and presence of keywords. On the off chance that your metadata contains client’s queries your site has higher opportunities to rank higher through best SEO services.

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6. Develop Quality Content Quality is better than quantity. Never compromise with the website content quality. Afterall a viewer gets meaningful insights after reading an article that has more weight to the quality. Don’t add irrelevant information keep it to the point and realistic.

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