How to mount your GoPro Camera on a DJI Osmo?


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How to mount your GoPro Camera on a DJI Osmo For those who already are proud owners of DJI Osmo Mobile and also the GoPro HERO might be wondering how to utilize both the devices side by side. The job is not very difficult. However you need to find the best way to do it. Usually the image stabilization process can easily make huge difference irrespective of the fact that you are shooting just for fun or for some clients. Thus honestly we do not see any reason why you should stop yourself from putting in the efforts to get the best of both worlds in one go especially when you already have fantastic filmmaking tools in the gear backpack. The solution is simple yet effective without much ado. Now let us see how you can mount your GoPro Hero device on the ​DJI OSMO ​ mobile in no time and losses: Apparently the one and only additional item you are going to need in order to make the entire setup work is a dedicated switch mounting plate for the DJI Osmo. It will help accommodating the GoPro camera on the DJI Osmo mobile in a similar manner to that of the conventional smartphones. Once you get the adapter in your hands all you need is to make the right balance on the DJI Osmo mobile while extending the arm to the right all the way as much as possible. Then you have to mount the combo switch to the DJI Osmo while giving it a few moments to calibrate. Even though the built in image stabilization of the GoPro can help reducing the jitters and shakes while shooting with the handheld device. The combination of the DJI Osmo mobiles will help take up the smoothness of the clicked footage to an entire new level. This is something that we can clearly see and notice with a side to side comparison right in front of our eyes. One thing to be kept in mind is that in case you are moving a lot faster with the combo the gimbal may get confused and you will be required to double click on the DJI OSMO Mobile trigger. Apart from this you will not experience any other issues while using the GoPro Hero device when installed on the DJI Osmo Mobile. The best part about this setup is that you can also use the older GoPro camera as well. you will have to buy the special adapter which is available online.

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