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The firm assists PhD and Masters-level candidates in writing their theses and dissertations, as well as in reviewing their work. It further supports students with the analysis of research data and also provides publication support for journal papers.


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Conducting a research work involves several stages, and that starts at the phenomenological level. Having observed the phenomenon, the research problem is visualized, and then it is boiled down to the operational level, where it gets its measurable form. Many researchers across the world encounter difficulties in operationalization of the ontological research problem, and as a consequence, the problem is carried forward in carrying out the research work. Introduction

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There is mounting demand of quality dissertations across the world and across the domains. Having experienced this, we have come up with our dissertation assistance services, which cover almost every aspect of a quality dissertation. Our domain experts from Ivy league academic institutions have enabled us to reach the maximum number of research scholars within just one year. We majorly assist scholars pursuing masters and doctoral education. Here we are…

Statistical Assistance:

One can come up with a theoretical solution for a real world issue. However, unless that theoretical solution is tested and verified with real world data, that solution cannot be implemented, and due to this, the solution may lose its relevance. We assist the researchers with the latest statistical softwares like STATA, SPSS, EViews , so that the analysis of data can be undertaken in a more rigorous manner, and new insights can emerge out of the dataset. Statistical Assistance

Research Plan Assistance:

Planning a research based study involves several stages. It starts with finalization of a research topic, followed by formulation of the research questions, selection of methodologies, collection of data and its analysis, and conclusive arguments based on research output. We assist the researchers in every step of designing a research plan, so that all the involved steps can be coherent in nature, complete in all aspects, and the quality of the work is ensured. Research Plan Assistance

Technological Domain Assistance:

Whenever a research carries out a research work in the technological domain, it is most likely that the research project will involve coding in different languages and implementation of the same. Success of such a project depends largely on the selection of input and output variables, and the association between them. We assist researchers in the technological domains with coding, simulation, and implementation related activities. Technological Domain Assistance

Publication Assistance:

If a researcher wants to gain prominence among the global community of researchers, then the works being conducted by the researcher have to be demonstrated before them in the form of journal paper publications. We assist researchers in journal paper publication process by locating the proper journal in accordance with their research topic, and formatting the paper according to guidelines. Our network with reputed publishers have made this service effective and lucrative. Publication Assistance

Editorial Assistance:

If a dissertation is not presented in a proper manner before the academic institution, then there is every possibility that the dissertation may not be accepted by the institution. This is a major problem being faced by the researchers, regarding formatting of their dissertation work. We assist the researchers in formatting their dissertation works by means of our editorial services. This service can ensure the quality and standard of the research work conducted by the researcher. Editorial Assistance

Inscription Consultancy:

Inscription of an entire dissertation is undoubtedly an extremely strenuous process, which every researcher has to go through. Dividing the entire research work into distinct and interrelated chapters is a critical task, and it calls for specialized skills. We assist researchers in the dissertation inscription process by providing them with regular consultancy services about how to go about writing the dissertation, and how to break up the entire work in several parts. Inscription Consultancy

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