Why learn an R programming language in 21st century?

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In the world of data science, several tools and techniques are used.


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Why learn an R programming language in 21st century In the world of data science several tools and techniques are used. As the steps that are used in the analytics are quite lengthy and require many restrictions to be followed as well separate tools are used to make it easier. There are several programming languages that are used in data science which helps in making the data easier to process. Out of all these languages R is the most used and popular among the data scientists. About R R is the popular programming language that is used for statistical and analytics work. This language is quite useful in handling all types of data whether it is unstructured or structured. Whether it is machine learning or data visualization the data can be handled and statistically approached using this programming language. It is useful in creating functions creating objects fixing bugs adding various features integrating with various languages interacting with statistical packages etc. Therefore learning the R programming language is quite beneficial for those who want to enter the field of data science and analytics. Some of the reasons why the R language is deemed more beneficial than any other languages are mentioned below.

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R in data science R is the most flexible language that you can use for performing various tasks in data science. It helps the use of vector by adding any function to the code with much speed and efficiency. Also the best thing about this language is that it does not require any kind of interpreter and this makes the coding an easier task. It is a language that is useful in performing data analytics on any type of data regardless of its source to type. Open-source Another advantage of using R programming language is the fact that it has an open-source. The license that is used on the language is a general public license which allows anybody to use the codes and can access them without any charges or membership. Also you can modify the codes and be a part of the large R language community. You can communicate with the active community of the language and avail support at any time regarding doubts on coding. Libraries As the R programming language is the most lucrative language used for several objectives the number of libraries and their efficiency is also quite high. Some of the most used libraries are ggplot2 swirl plotly rcmdr etc. which are used widely across all platforms. Mostly the libraries are used

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for data analysis and graphical visualizations which makes this better than other languages in the field. Pervasive Not only is it used in data analytics but today R is used in almost every industry like manufacturing healthcare finance etc. wherever there is a need for handling data in vast amounts and also to find patterns in them which in turn can help in growing businesses. Getting trained in R programming language can give you an edge over other professionals who want to enter the same field. Therefore if you are looking for a rewarding career and want to be successful in a data-driven industry then this is a must-have skill. Resource box As there are many programming languages used these days R in data science remains the most used and applauded language among them. It is the best time to acquire this skill so you should spend time finding courses to learn R to make a great career in big data.

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