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Fast Drive Investigation Features


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introducing FDI Extreme:

a unique way to analyze drives introducing FDI Extreme

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Enhancing Y our N etwork We have features for every step of the way 1 Analyze Your Drives 2 Enrich The Experience 3 Achieve Results

FDI works with all technologies!:

GSM, WCDMA, HSPA, Wimax , LTE… FDI works with all technologies! i n all modes dedicated, scanned, idle…

All Equipment is supported :

All Equipment is supported TEMS, Nemo , JDSU, Azenqos , Agilent… Any future ones too!


Stylish, user-friendly and comprehensive User-Interface


View Multiple maps support within same environment, for multiple project Allows easy analysis of complex drives with many handsets

Layer Examples:

Layer Examples


LTE RSRP Tx1 and Rx1


WCDMA Pilot Pollution – Active Sets 1 and 3 are within 3dB Missing Neighbor – Detected Neighbour RSCP > Primary Active Set RSCP AS1 cells DN1 cells AS3 cells AS1 cells


Wimax Best Server – For scanned drives the best sample on each coordinate selected based on RSSI or CINR

Cell Footprint:

Cell Footprint Want to see the Cell Footprint? Now you can in three different ways: By Coverage By Server and Neighbouring Cell (two colours ) By Server and Neighbouring Cell Number (multiple colours ) Footprint shown as a graph with distance on x axis and samples on Y axis


Multiple Frequency ranges User Polygon User Flag Save filter Composite filter Filter => focused optimization! FILTERS The most comprehensive range of…

Example (palette filter):

Example (palette filter) Filters

Azimuth Inconsistency:

Azimuth Inconsistency Issues like feeder swap can be found in FDI automatically Only requirements are detailed drive of city of cluster Eliminates extensive manual work Finds major customer affecting issues which may have been ignored otherwise

Trend Analysis:

Trend Analysis Cell footprints can be compared on the time axis as a trend Helps in deep analysis of cell levels, wrong handovers and overshooting

OneClick! Report:

OneClick ! Report Design sophisticated reports in MS Power point or MS Word using a powerful wizard The output will include maps, graphs, KPIs, cell footprints and service areas all customized for the user’s needs Ideal for cluster drives, competitive benchmarking, long and time consuming reports


Overshoots Overshooting cells coming from a long distance can be identified

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Present Layers Graphically Need clarity? Just select the points of any layer and present as a graph for better analysis and effective presentation. change graph type interact with graph view in 2D or 3D copy and paste into other documents view percentage as well as numbers

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Embedded Images Map Terrain Satellite Available at a button click

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Frequency Plan added to any project for finding incorrect frequency assignments or assigning new site frequencies Height and Tilt to understand the physical profile of sites Statistics and KPIs added for correlating with drive test data All done with a simple, user friendly and highly customizable format, within seconds E mbed External Data E xample of height data addition High Cells Identified


Binning Bins are made with user selected resolution e.g. 50m User selects the aggregation method e.g. Average

Delta Binning:

Delta Binning Multiple maps can be compared as Delta It highly effective in checking improvement and deterioration in Pre and Post drives of major network changes

Finding Cell Presence:

Find serving cells in 3 different ways: With lines also called MESH With colour , best for dense areas With one colour , best for finding cell outages Finding Cell Presence Mesh Colour One Colour

Neighbours View:

Find Neighbours with a button click Two-way One-way Missing Undefined Reported Neighbours Neighbours View


Events All Events viewable in one easy to use format with detailed info available

But wait… There’s More! :

? But wait… There’s More! A complete package Impressed?

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Data is collected using a test mobile processed and analyzed in the client-laptop or computer. It’s a simple, easy to learn and fast process, and will result in a superior network . Ease of Use Collect Data Process, Analyze and Optimize

Previous Drive:

Previous drive feature helps compare cells past and present performance, without the hassle of opening entire projects. Ideal for checking degradation in areas with customer complaints. Previous Drive Post Change Pre Change Activate previous drive with a click Select cell A list of projects will be shown which contain samples from the selected cell The number of samples and date of drive will be given for each project

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It’s quick to learn , has superior features and gives great results A new generation of drive test analysis has arrived Drive test post-processing will never be the same Spread the Message! Get FDI & make drive analysis Worthwhile

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Analysis with a Difference! FDI Extreme

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