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FDI IMPROVE YOUR NETWORK WITH THE MOST INNOVATIVE, USER-FRIENDLY AND VERSATILE POST PROCESSING TOOL FAST DRIVE INVESTIGATION FDI enables wireless operators to analyze drive data in a meaningful way and helps to bring real and tangible improvement in network performance and customer experience. Multi-Vendor & Multi-Technology All the latest technologies (including LTE) and tools for drive data collection are supported. FDI is designed in such a way to help add future technologies and tools with ease, by just making new configuration files. Automated Investigation What sets FDI apart from the pack is the advanced algorithms created and used for complex analysis. Detection of overshooting and feeder swaps for any technology is done automatically by FDI, the user only has to click a button and review the results. Customized KPI Reporting Users can maintain and edit KPI formulas for every technology. Raw counters are available in the editor which eliminates the need for typing and spelling mistakes. Statistical KPIs can be added for correlating with drive test data. Advanced Filters FDI has a comprehensive range of filters to limit the drive samples based on different criteria. Multiple filters can be applied to create a composite filter. Pre-defined filters like low coverage, pilot pollution, multi-server, interference etc. are available. Beautifully designed user interface with support for Multiple Project within the same environment Graphical comparison of two layers for detailed analysis The largest range of active and multi-map charts available with various customization options www.360cellutions.com

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FDI www.360cellutions.com Feature Description OneClick ! Report The best in class automatic reporting displaying maps, charts and KPIs in customized formats, and templates saved for future use. Output in . pptx or . docx . Footprint Real footprint of cells for any technology, includes both points where it serves or appears as a neighbour and interferer. Type and profile distinguishes the interfering rank . Overshooting And Feeder Swap Automatically identify cells with high overshooting or feeder swaps. FDI uses complex algorithms for this while the optimizer just click a button. Previous Drive Previous drive data can be viewed and compared in a few seconds, with a click without opening projects. Charts Beautiful, interactive and fully customizable charts, with numerous options like multi-map, combined, comparative, cumulative, discreet etc. Filters Eleven types of unique filters based on geography, drive data and pre-defined criteria. Binning And Delta Binned output to calibrate simulation tools, with the Delta option to compare and benchmark in a unique and intuitive way. Supplementary Data Frequency planning, SC planning , height, tilt, network stats and KPIs etc. Can be loaded using many formats like . xlsx , .txt, . csv . Maps And Satellite Images Satellite, terrain and street maps can be embedded within FDI, while can be exported as KML into GoogleEarth . Multi-Technologies LTE, HSPA, R99, EDGE, GPRS, GSM, WiMAX Multi-Equipment TEMS, NEMO, Agilent, JDSU, Azenqos . New equipment addition a simpl e process, involves a new configuration file. OneClick ! Reports lets the user define templates and use them with a click later ONECLICK! EMPOWERS OPTIMIZERS BY OFFERING FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE REPORTS CREATED AS STUNNING PRESENTATIONS MADE WITH A CLICK Fast Drive Investigation

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