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Fit For Everyone SYS is designed in a way that its powerful enough for Network Optimizers but user friendly enough for Senior Executives. Optimizers and Stats monitoring teams can use powerful features like the designer, portable universe etc to maximize the benefits of SYS, while with a few button clicks Senior executives can monitor network performance during special events or keep . One Stop Solution SYS gives the user full control over the performance of the network and the ability to correlate this with other data like configuration and alarms. Its flexible design, multi-vendor and technology capabilities and powerful designer make SYS a one stop solution for successful Network Monitoring and Optimization Analyze On Map Among all the unique and effective features of SYS, GIS Maps based analysis stands out. Maps are seamlessly integrated with SYS, hence any report can be viewed on a map in addition to a tabular and graphical view. Color Palettes can be maintained by the Server as well as individual users. Maps are highly effective in analyzing changes like new site addition, special events, or network redesign. See Your Stats About 360Cellutions A company with unique ideas and practical solutions. In existence since 2009, it already possesses an attractive portfolio of analysis tools and services, 360cellutions is constantly raising the bar in innovation and advancement.

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Data   Virtually unlimited data storage capability, many years data can be easily stored Display long duration, hourly, busy hour, half-hourly or any other interval possible if data available Customizable     User defined formulas to get a different view of the network User customized reports according to the requirements of organization User can create his own Palette of ranges Interface   Workspaces can be easily saved and can be reloaded when required Dashboard style reports are available, in order to provide a good overview for top level management GIS/Map   Displays reports and data on Maps providing a comprehensive view of problematic area Cell selection and filters are supported from Map view Portable Can be used in offline mode, if the user is away from local server Versatile   Vendor independent database design, displaying the stats for all major telecom vendors, new vendors can be added without any change in source code Compatible with multiple current and upcoming technologies i.e. GSM, 3G, WiMAX and LTE Report types     Display overview of the entire network through user defined KPIs Display particular KPIs for all selected entities Display problematic cells through user defined criteria for worst cell identification Administrative Privilege User can make local changes (on his own machine) as well as global changes (on the entire network ) Performance Due to efficient design large data can be processed quickly Features Snapshot

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