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INSIGHT by 360cellutions:

INSIGHT by 360cellutions Indoor Solution For Mobile Networks


Introduction 2


Introduction 3 Mobile users mostly indoors Network issues amplified indoors: Coverage Multi-server IBS a good solution but not always practical Insight method helps optimize external network to remove indoor issues

Insight Explained:

4 Insight Explained


Overview 5

Data Collection:

Data Collection 6 Drive Test using any tool Detailed covering most floors


Insight 7 Indoor map loaded with floor plan or hand sketch Performed drive test in synchronization with drive testing tool Result is geocoded drive

FDI Analysis Example:

FDI Analysis Example 8 RxQual is quite poor

FDI Analysis Example:

FDI Analysis Example 9 RxLevel is quite poor

FDI Analysis Example:

FDI Analysis Example 10 Many cells serving, some not logical

FDI Analysis Example:

FDI Analysis Example 11 Many cells serving, some not logical

FDI Analysis Example:

FDI Analysis Example 12 Neighbours need optimization


Recommendations Network redesign Tilt Azimuth HBA Sector addition Soft changes Frequency Neighbour P arameters 13


Implementation 14 Changes implemented as per recommendations Existing Sector B

Post Drive:

Post Drive 15 Data collection and insight rerun Comparison done with Pre and detailed report submitted Pre / Post process of data collection, Insight, Analysis, Recommendation, Implementation repeated till satisfied Verdict given at the end


16 Features

Insight Features:

Insight Features 17 Geocodes indoor drives User friendly interface Coupled with FDI makes it powerful indoor optimization system

Insight vs IBS:

18 Insight vs IBS


Comparison 19 Insight IBS Advantages Disadvantages Advantages Disadvantages Capex saving Success Rate < 50% Success Rate 80% Capex Opex saving Capacity stays same Capacity upgraded Opex (high rent) Faster Slower (months) Many buildings improved One building improved No permission needed Building owner permission


Proposal 20

Summary of Solution:

Summary of Solution 21 360cellutions proposes to provide Insight as a service Customer will be charged per building Customer will identify buildings where network issues Customer will identify specific issues 360cellutions will attempt these in order to resolve all issues Customer will only be charged for buildings where all indoor issues resolved and customer has signed acceptance A win-win situation for both 360cellutions and customer

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