Angels- Are they real or fictional?


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English project: : 

English project: Are they real or fictional? Teacher: Nellie Deutsch Name: Anna Yampolsky Date: 7.3.09 Angels

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-My personal project will be about the divine creatures: The Angles. The reasearch question is: Are angels real or fictional? -I chose it because this subject has been fascinating me since I was young. -My research will be focus on their presence in the human world by searching the answer in different articles and interviews. Introduction

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The whole believe in angles has started in ancient times by the Judaism when the angel appears in the Hebrew bible countless of times as the messengers of god which meant to deliver his words to the human. He appears in different forms to different people when he says the words of god and guide the humans to do as god’s will.They are first mentioned in the “Genesis” during the creation of the world. -Actually, there’s a whole theory for angels that calls: “Angelology” that especially deals with a system of angels, messengers, celestial powers or emanations, and the study of these systems. People from many times and cultures think that angels have another goal which is protecting people. So what is it all about?

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-In conclusion, I found out that angels are exist and it is not necessary to see them just to believe in them, they are everywhere and they are watching us from above. -Angels can be appear in many forms in many believes, they can be everything we ever wanted. There is evidence for angels appearing around the world. We don’t know exactly what is, because we can’t see it, but it’s surrounds us. Conclusions So, do angels are exist? I assume that it is everyone with his own faith…

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I have the answer to my research but yet, I feel that I didn’t satisfy my curiosity until the end. Maybe it’s something that we don’t need to know? Maybe we just need to open our heart and believe that, there is something, that watching over us, protects us and leads us in our lives. Reflections

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Real angel cought on camera: Appendix

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Survey results

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I mostly took my information from the internet: Bibliography

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