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ARTIFICIAL HEART [ABIOCOR] Presented By Rohith Vasishta.A

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Introduction An artificial heart is a mechanical device that replaces the heart . Artificial hearts are typically used in order to bridge the time to heart transplantation , or to permanently replace the heart in case transplantation is impossible.

The Jarvik 7 :

The Jarvik 7 In 1982, Seattle dentist Dr. Barney Clark was the first person implanted with the Jarvik-7, an artificial heart intended to last a lifetime.

Human heart :

Human heart In the first stage, the right and left atria contract at the same time, pumping blood to the right and left ventricles . In the second stage, the ventricles contract together to propel blood out of the heart. The average adult human heart pumps blood at a rate of 60 to 100 beats per minute .

The Abiocor A.I Heart:

The Abiocor A.I Heart The AbioCor , developed by Abiomed , is a very sophisticated medical device, but the core mechanism of the device is the hydraulic pump that shuttles hydraulic fluid from side to side. Internal battery - A rechargeable battery is implanted inside the patient's abdomen. Wireless energy-transfer system - Also called the Transcutaneous Energy Transfer (TET), this system consists of two coils, one internal and one external,

Working Total Artificial Heart(TAH): :

Working Total Artificial Heart(TAH): You may need a TAH for one of two reasons: To keep you alive while you wait for a heart transplant If you're not eligible for a heart transplant, but you have end-stage

Overview :

Overview Currently, TAHs are used only in a small number of people. Researchers are working to make even better TAHs that will allow people to live longer and have fewer complications


ADVANTAGES It increases the life span of human beings Easy to carry while compared to other artificial pumping devices It is more helpful compared to heart transplantations


DISADVANTAGES It needs charging for every half an hour

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