Sales tools and techinques for powerpoint that every consultant should


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PowerPoint Sales Tools Every Consultant Should Know About Brought to you by 24point0Read the full article on


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 PowerPoint Sales Tools Every Consultant Should Know About:

PowerPoint Sales Tools Every Consultant Should Know About Brought to you by 24point0 Read the full article on

Audience is the most important factor in a presentation:

Audience is the most important factor in a presentation Selling to corporate consumers is different from selling to regular consumers. PowerPoint presentations are the best sales aids for these consumers . Follow the following steps and you won’t go wrong:

Illustrate the problem :

Illustrate the problem Show that you have understood their problem

Show Comparison:

Show Comparison Feature comparison of your product or service with that of your competition

Describe your Product or Service:

Describe your Product or Service Include details and benefits of the service or product use sales aid templates and editable graphics

List of 5 sales tools:

List of 5 sales tools 1. authorSTREAM Helps you share your PowerPoint presentations on the web! 2. Accent Librarian PowerPoint Accent Librarian PowerPoint ® library management software is a tool that provides streamlined access and assembly of critical business documents and media files.

list of 5 sales tools (cont.):

list of 5 sales tools (cont.) 3.    PowerPoint Twitter Tools 4. KinetiCast Add Web 2.0 to your presentation and have live tweets, twitter polls and feedback slides! Presentation hosting service that lets you know exactly what happens when a prospect views your presentation .

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5.    Proclaim Messenger Proclaim Messenger enables you to easily combine pre-recorded or live video with PowerPoint presentations to produce video email campaigns (with full analytics that gives you instant feedback), one-off video sales emails, or hold live one-to-one or small group video chats.

Tips on using our PPT Products and Tools:

Tips on using our PPT Products and Tools Click here to find out how to customize and edit our PowerPoint Products and Tools

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