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The hand-drawn Heaven Hell and In-Between template consists of 3 PPT slides, loaded with visually stimulating graphics. The image of heaven represents good-side while the image of hell shows the bad-side. A very good idea to put your words into pictures. Thumbs-up and thumbs-down clipart are provided as pointers to highlight different aspects of a subject under consideration. Suitable to build PowerPoint presentations on the benefits and drawbacks of product, process, strategy and policy. You can alter the images by changing color, shape and size. Text boxes are given to add content. Download now to create an awe-inspiring presentation in minutes!


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Hand-drawn Heaven Hell and In-Between Diagram for PowerPoint:

Hand-drawn Heaven Hell and In-Between Diagram for PowerPoint


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Use this hand-drawn Heaven Hell and In-Between diagram for PowerPoint to highlight the benefits and drawbacks of products and services. 3 Heaven Hell and In-Between Diagram - Hand-drawn PowerPoint Illustrations


This visually stimulating graphic can be used to illustrate the business strategies of your organization. 4 Heaven and Hell Diagram - Hand-sketched PowerPoint Template


Use this hand-drawn illustration to bring out positive and negative sides of any event, incident, policy or step. 5 Hand-sketched Heaven and Hell Diagram for PowerPoint


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