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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم ﴿ و قل رب زدنى علماً ﴾ صدق الله العظيم

Health Care System : 

Health Care System

Educational Objectives : 

Educational Objectives By the end of this lecture you will be able to: Explain system concept. Describe health care delivery system. Define hospital and its functions. Describe hospitals classifications. Explain the purpose and mechanism of financial health system.

Educational Objectives (cont.,) : 

Educational Objectives (cont.,) Identify responsibilities of health care facility and members of health care team. Describe how the medical imaging department fits into the hospital world.

Outline : 

Outline Health care system. Hospital organization. Health care team.

System Concept : 

System Concept Output Input Process (Transformation) Feedback

What is the Health care system? : 

What is the Health care system? The sum total of all the organizations, institutions and resources whose primary purpose is to improve health. Chief function is to deliver health services. Every country has its own system. Ministry of Health is the central part.

What is Hospital? : 

What is Hospital? An integral part of a social and medical organization. Functions: Complete health care: Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment Rehabilitation Training, and Research.

Hospital Classification : 

Hospital Classification General or specialist. Public or private. Governmental, profit or non-profit. Short term or long term. Primary care, secondary care or tertiary care. Others: number of beds, accreditation.

Hospital as a system : 

Hospital as a system Output Input Process (Transformation) People (staff, patients. Material (equip., drugs). Money. Health Care Feedback

Health financing system : 

Health financing system The purpose: Adequate funding is available, All individuals have access to health care. No single approach that will be most efficient for all nations. Mechanisms: Tax-based financing. Health insurance: Social (compulsory), and Private (voluntary).

Health Care Team : 

Health Care Team Workers in health care system. Achievement of health and medical care require team work: Physicians, Nurses, Paramedical, and Supportive.

Some Hospital Departments : 

Some Hospital Departments

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Board of Trustees Hospital Administrator Therapy Departments Diagnostic Departments Support Services Nursing Services Imaging Services Assistant Administrators Simplified Hospital Organization Chart

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