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Tips for Hiring a Contractor Hiring Civil Work Contractors in Dubai could be a daunting task. To make a sound choice you should ask relevant questions to the potential contractors preferably minimum of three applicants so you could evaluate their responses for ensuring you get work done properly. For civil work you need someone on who you can depend on and who is determined enough to see your project through to the end. 1. Check the Business History of the Contractor When youre into the process of hiring Civil Work Contractors in Dubai you would like to dig deep for getting an idea about their business history. It means requesting and verifying that such contractor has a valid license in your area in case applicable for your area. 2. Do an in-depth analysis Other things to look out for include paying his/her employees legally and carrying property damage and liability insurance. Having membership of a respectable professional association is a good sign. It is also advisable to find out whether such contractor was ever declared bankrupt or if any legal action has been taken against him/her. It is also good to get the specifics like how long such contractor has been into the civil contracts business.

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3. Look for references and other sources of help Its also very important to confirm that the contractor has recent and relevant experience. For this it is better to get a list of references who have had similar projects to yours and try following up with them. You shouldn’t be shy about of visiting or making phone calls to them. Ask other customers of such contractor questions regarding their experiences with the contractor and also check their satisfaction level with the final product. You could also obtain other third-party verification from the professional associations local and state licensing bodies insurance providers and municipal departments. 4. Have a face-to-face discussion Its also crucial to ascertain at the time of interview how such contractor plans to handle subcontractors and site supervision. Before hiring a contractor you must ask if he/she could offer you with a set start date and an accomplishment date including any clean-up duties. These dates must be incorporated in the formal written agreement together with a timetable of the work which will be done and the material list of everything which will be required. Its also clever enough to address how the change orders would affect the timeline of the project in the contract. Finally Its very important to look for contractors who have specific experience in the type of project which you have at hand. Today most of the projects are code- specific and regulated that you wish someone who precisely understands the intricacies of what is required. A contractor will be at your place for days weeks or even for months while carrying on with his craft. So if you dont like a specific contractor for any reason do not hire him. Contact: Al Qusais Dubai United Arab Emirates 93258 +971521405049 E-mail:

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