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Polar Bears:

Polar Bears By James

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Polar Bears are in danger! Polar Bears can live 20 to 30 years. Unfortunately, most Polar bears today live for only 15 to 18 years They live in the North Pole which is melting due to global warming Global warming is caused by pollution, pollution is caused by things like cars, planes, and factories This melting means polar bears have to swim further for their food and way drown on the way.

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Save the Polar bears! The World Wildlife Fund says that Polar Bears are vulnerable so we need to help them.

Why should we help them?:

Why should we help them? Polar Bears are top of there food chain in the Arctic They are vital to that food chain so they cannot go extinct If they do go extinct it would have a terrible affect on the overall health of the food chain We are responsible for there habitat melting so we should help them

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How can we h elp them? There are ways to help the Polar Bears They are dying because their habitat is melting We should try to reduce pollution so that global warming is reduced If we do this the North Pole will melt slower so the Polar Bears’ habitat will not melt away so quickly


Survey When I asked 16 of my classmates “how many Polar bears die each year?”, 13 said a lot and 3 said none. Then I asked “why are Polar Bears dying?” 11 said their habitats are melting, 4 said they commit suicide, and 1 said there is not as much oxygen in the North Pole. Finally, I asked “how should we try to save them?” 11 said we should use less fossil fuels, 3 said move them to a colder climate, and 2 said we should put more fish in the ocean.

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