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The Renaissance:

Isabella Daisy Chang Computer 9 6/21/12 The Renaissance

Chart # 1 Renaissance Survey Questions:

Chart # 1 Renaissance Survey Questions 8 out of seventeen people know nothing 5 people know only a little 4 people know some No one knows a lot

Chart #2 Renaissance Survey Questions:

Chart #2 Renaissance Survey Questions

Inventions of the Renaissance:

Inventions of the Renaissance With in the Renaissance period (1440-1600) many new devices were invented such as the: The Printing Press (1450) The Microscope The Flush Toilet The Match

The Mona Lisa:

The Mona Lisa In the period between 1503 and 1506 Leonardo da Vinci painted the world renown Mona Lisa:

The Protestant Reformation:

The Protestant Reformation The most revolutionary historical event in the Renaissance is the Protestant Reformation in which people were forced to make choice either to be Catholic or Protestant. This occurred in the 16 th century, but is still considered part of the Renaissance history.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Bibliography Inventions of the Renaissance "" 6/19/2012 Mona Lisa image "" 6/20/2012 Printing Press image "" 6/20/12 The Moving of the Mona Lisa "" 6/19/2012 The Protestant Reformation, Lecture 3 "" 6/19/2012

The end:

The end The Renaissance period is a fascinating time in history, one which I hope I have given you a short, but detailed glimpse of.

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