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Element of Design

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The building blocks of design. The Elements of Design are the parts which are put together to compose an artwork. These include: What are Elements of Design? Point, Line, Shape, Form, Colour, Tone, and Texture.

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One single spot in space. Point

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Line is made when one point joints with another point. A straight or curved continuous extent of length without breadth. Line

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Shape occurs when lines joint at certain points. Shape is two-dimensional. Shapes can be either geometric or organic. Shape

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Form has a three-dimensional appearance. A form is anything solid or anything which appears to be solid. Form

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Colour is described with the words hue, value, and intensity. The parts into which light can be seperated. Colour

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Tone is the degree of light and dark. Tone gives a feeling of solidity to objects. Tone

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Texture is the surface quality of objects. It’s how something feels when touched, or looks like it would feel if touched. Texture

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