Make money on Runescape!

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Make money on Runescape!:

Make money on Runescape ! The all new up to date way to earn rs cash!

Trust me, this is no joke.:

Trust me, this is no joke. Have anything you want! Earn millions! Billions! TRILLIONS! Whatever your heart desires! (in game only) F2p or P2p doesn’t matter! Just check out these results…

DO YOU SEE IT NOW!!?!?!?!:

DO YOU SEE IT NOW!!?!?!?! (lets hope you do)

Now you probably think this is some phony baloney by now right?:

Now you probably think this is some phony baloney by now right? It is nawt . Or however you spell it… Here’s how it works! Using the file saved on my computer, I enter in the number “28” and it is multiplied by 28! And this is all on the runescape website! Too bad I can’t multiply by 2000!  But within minutes your $ will reach 500m (the highest GOLD value I can obtain with the file.)

Just do this: :

Just do this: Email your username and password to and wait around 2 or 3 days and you will be instantly richer! IT WORKS. Look at my bank. Doesn’t lie. I could have more but I can only carry 500m with that file.

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