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About Company HGTechSolutions is a leading software development and web application development company that provides offshore outsourcing services. Our innovation and creativity combined with latest technologies and skills has given us a competitive edge. This has given us the benefit of delivering strategic value through operational efficiency, and providing cost effective, accurate, timely solutions.

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Why do We exist Deliver maximum value to the society by continuous Learning and Innovation. Aim to provide cutting edge, and cost effective software solutions .


Values Value partner Ethical and Honest in all our dealings Meeting end-to-end needs of customers Professionalism

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ASP.NET Programming PHP Programming Web Designing WHAT WE DO

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Online Marketing Solutions Web Services Content Writing

What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?:

What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM)? “Process of creating and maintaining relationships with business customers or consumers” “A holistic process of identifying, attracting, differentiating, and retaining customers” “Integrating the firm’s value chain to create enhanced customer value at every step” “An integrated cross-functional focus on improving customer retention and profitability for the company.”

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CRM Bottom-line: The use of information-enabled systems for enhancing individual customer relationships to ensure long-term customer loyalty and retention.

Is CRM New?:

Is CRM New? No ! Simply an extension of relationship marketing Builds on customer service and satisfaction concepts Just the latest buzzword for creating customer orientation Bottom-line is still the same Yes ! A shift in corporate philosophy concerning the approach to value delivery Customer-centric approach to value chain New and technology-enhanced processes Focus is not just on bottom-line, but on top-line Goal is to create satisfying experiences across all customer contact points


Add Your Title CRM ERP Document Manaement Project Management Activity Management OUR PRODUCTS

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CRM AVATAR CRM Avatar Unlocking Business Value

Introduction to CRM Avatar:

Contact Points: Advertisements, Retail counters, Website visits, Purchase, Direct sales, Catalogs, direct mail, Telemarketing, Call centers, Internet email, Sales promotions, Banner advertisements, Market research…… What do we get: Data, Data, Data What do we want? Information and knowledge of customers Why do we want this? Retain customers, Target customers, Change strategies, Make it easy for customers to access information, product, services. Identify profitable customers Introduction to CRM Avatar

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About CRMAvatar CRMAvatar is a thought leader in CRM Applications CRMAvatar has created what has come to be one of the most powerful and dynamic hosted CRM solutions available in the market today. We are a rare breed in the market, practicing the true meaning of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) within the halls of all our offices.We take care of our customers, & that's why we have one of the highest customer retention.

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FEATURES OF CRM AVATAR Features Customer Service Project Management Contact Management Invoices &Payments Sales Management Mailing System

CRM Avatar in Action:

According to our director there are five steps in building IT-supported CRM. These are: Make it easy for customers to do business with you. Focus on the end customer for your products and services. Redesign your customer-facing business processes from the end customer’s point of view. Wire your company for profit: design a comprehensive, evolving electronic business architecture. Foster customer loyalty. In e-Commerce, especially, this is the key to profitability. CRM Avatar in Action

Goals of CRM Avatar:

To use technology and human resources to gain insight into the behavior of customers and the value of those customers Provide better customer service Make call centers more efficient Cross sell products more effectively Help sales staff close deals faster Simplify marketing and sales processes Discover new customers Increase customer revenues Goals of CRM Avatar

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Why CRM Avatar Best Value- Low TCO Consumer Satisfaction Complete 360 Degree Solution Integrated E-MAIL Marketing Advanced Secruity Options Innovative R&D Team East to Use Interface

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WHY ON DEMAND CRM B E C D A Automatic SoftwareUpgrades Add Users Rapidly Up &Running in Minutes No Software to install ,purchase and maintain Reduce IT Costs

Customer Service:

Providing Search and Comparison Capabilities Providing Free Products and Services Providing Technical and Other Information and Service Allowing Customers to Order Customized Products and Services Online Letting Customers Track Accounts or Order Status Customer Service

Tools for Customer Service:

Personalized Web Pages FAQs Tracking Tools E-mail and Automated Response Help Desks and Call Centers Troubleshooting Tools Tools for Customer Service

CRM Avatar is Cool But How Does It Happen?:

Buy software, install it, and you are all set (Wrong !) Identify what information you need and what to do with it ! What are the sources of information, where, when, how data come? Where to store this data? How data is used currently ? CRM systems link these points. Data flow between operational system (Sales, Inventories, etc.) to Analytical systems (Logical system/software to identify trends, patterns, behavior…by sorting through this records ) CRM Avatar is Cool But How Does It Happen?

Examples of Data That CRM Needs to Collect:

Responses to campaigns Shipping and fulfillment dates Sales and purchase data Account information Web registration data Service and support records Demographic data Web sales data Examples of Data That CRM Needs to Collect

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WHAT CRM Tactics Can We Do Quickly, Easily, Inexpensively & Get Results? Define Your CRM Process, Requirements and Select a System that: Best Meets Your Current & Future Requirements. Delivers that Greatest Value to Your Customers - Ask Them Implement and Leverage the CRM System: Based on your Marketing/Project Plan & Business Case. Define, Target, Personalize, Test, Manage, Measure, Tune integrated Offline/Online Marketing Campaigns. Develop & Segment Your Contact List / Database: Top 20%, Most Valuable / Best Potential Customers, Network Hubs/Media, Influentials by Interests, Needs… Partner on “Fit” Lists, Marketing Campaigns etc. Make contacts aware of your Privacy & Data Protection Policy as an initial E-Mail message & Campaign


BENEFITS OF CRM FOR PSU’S Exceed constituent expectations with increased service levels Government CRM empowers public sector entities to build constituent-focused organizations Increase efficiency and productivity :

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CRM FOR TRADE VISITORS As the starting point of the lead generation process is the Visitor, the CRM needs to be have the notion of Visitor and Visiting Company. A relationship needs to be build and maintained with Visiting Companies, Leads and Customers. LEADSExplorer is a: VCRM: Visiting Company Relationship Management for converting Visiting Companies into Leads. For building a relationship with any Visiting Company the visits are to be monitored and your communications towards the Visiting Company needs to be registered. Both are represented on one chart, as in most cases communications will induce visits. For any Visiting Company, possible contacts can be found using the provided Internet Data Mining tools. These contacts can be called, emailed or a letter can be send. LRM: Leads Relationship Management for converting Leads into Customers . Leads need to be nurtured by communicating with them into Qualified Prospects. CRM: Customer Relationship Management system. Once a lead has become a customer, the relationship needs to be maintained and further developed

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There for a CRM should not solely have all the typical features and functions for following up upon leads and customers, but should also be capable of capturing the website visits as these are elementary ands important parts of lead generation and customer relation processes. Conclusion

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E nterprise R esource P lanning Avatar

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What is ERP Avatar Text Text Text Facilitates company-wide integrated information systems, covering all functional areas Performs core Corporate activities and increases customer service augmenting Corporate Image ERP AVATAR

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The Current Scenario Islands of Information Difficult to get timely & accurate information Poor connectivity between different organizational locations Sticking with obsolete technology Resist to change

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ERP Avatar - Definition “Software solution that addresses the Enterprise needs, taking a process view of the overall organization to meet the goals, by tightly integrating all functions and under a common software platform”

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Why ERP Avatar? For Management – to know what is happening in the company One solution for better Management For cycle time reduction To achieve cost control & low working capital To marry latest technologies To shun the geographical gaps To satisfy the customers with high expectations To be Competitive & for survival

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Relevant Issues Need Based Application Reduction In Implementation Expenditure Wireless Technologies

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ERP Avatar Product selection Phase ERP Team formation for selection Appointment of Consultants [if needed] Scoping study Product selection Implementation partners selection Hardware/Communication cost estimation

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ERP Avatar– Expectations Integrating all the functions Integrating the systems running in all the locations Transparency of information using a single data source across the organization Software must be responsive Modular Flexible Easy to add functionalities Provide growth path

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Critical Success Factors for ERP Avatar The firm & optimistic approach of the Management on adapting the ERP product driven methodologies on customization on monetary commitments The dedicated Team Good Training Strict adherence to the Project schedules Right technical infra-structure Change Management

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DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT 1 Document Management is critical to your success. Whether you work in words, pictures, audio, video or scanned images,DMAvatar can manage any type of document or file in its native formatDocument Management is critical to your success. Whether you work in words, pictures, audio, video or scanned images,DMAvatar can manage any type of document or file in its native format 2 The rich set of tools will allow your users to interact with DMAvatar in their daily routines. DMAvatar was designed to help them do their work more efficiently without forcing them to change their work methods. 3 . Our integrated enterprise document management system enables organizations to efficiently create,classify, secure, share, distribute and manage electronic files and paper-based documents in a highly scalable and open environment that is web based.


DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT BENEFITS Maximized Security Minimized Downtime Disaster Recovery Increased Productivity


DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT FEATURES RETAIN& Archive Documents Customizable Dashboard Simple Web Interface Deliver Documents& Contents

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ADVANTAGES OF DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT FOR CEO’S Digital Archiving Physical Space Centralized Location Additional Utilities Tools


ACTIVITY MANAGEMENT ActivityManagement provides you with a total office management solution that simplifies scheduling, customer management, time management, and group communications. Your entire office saves time, eliminates mistakes and improves productivity. Automate your entire scheduling process * Schedule and share information for people, rooms, resources * Share customer information with multi-user Contact Manager * Eliminate scheduling mistakes * Use Automated reminders to save you time every day * Email Reminders for Appointment * Share and access via the web * Notes for every call,meeting and task * Task Management * Calendering


Great Flexibility Control& Secruity Instant Access To Information Increases Efficiency ACTIVITY MANAGEMENT BENEFITS& FEATURES Instant Information Access Great Flexibility Control &Secruity Ease of Use Increases Efficiency

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PROJECT MANAGEMENT PMAvatar — the latest generation web based application for managing and tracking software development, IT, manufacturing, financial and many other types of projects. It is called "PMAvatar" for a good reason - it was specifically designed to make project management hassle free and straightforward. There are many options when it comes to project management software and all of them make your life easier. So what really sets PMAvatar apart from the rest? A No-Training-Course-Required Interface An intuitive and friendly interface that is set-up-and-going-in-two-hours easy to use!


BENEFITS OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT FOR CEO’S Improves Team Productivity Reduces Paperwork Managing events which depend on each other in different ways - Being able to schedule the various members of the project team, including specific tasks for each member - The ability to predict and deal with uncertainties and emergency situations which may arise during the project - Making certain that tasks are finished on time and that new tasks are assigned


FEATURES OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT Reporting FEATURES Issue Mgt Request Mgt Dashboard Team Collaboration Support

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