Benefits of Living Off Campus

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While choosing the campus living, it is essential to consider its pros & cons, costs and conveniences whether it is off-campus or on-campus living. Living off-campus is more exciting for students because off-campus means freedom, fun, amenities & affordability. Have focus on this post for more benefits than that.


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Benefits of Living Off Campus

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For college students, there’s little more exciting than living off campus. Off-campus apartment living means more freedom, fun, amenities and affordability. However, there are many more benefits than that. And, the key to finding all these benefits is searching for the best communities and the best student housing.

Space and Privacy:

Dorms are notoriously cramped, which means most students live in spaces where their roommate is always only a few feet away. However, in any bachelor apartment Ottawa offers, you can have your own private space. Even if you live with a roommate, you’ll still have more room and privacy than living in a dorm room. Space and Privacy

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This is ideal for upperclassmen who need of more adult-like living arrangements. Plus, you won’t have a Resident Assistant (RA) making sure you follow the rules. Also, if you have visitors, you can invite them to stay over.

Peace and Quiet:

There’s always something going on in dorms and on campus, and the housing isn’t always quiet. All the social happenings can be disruptive and tempting, which in turn can negatively affect your grades and academic performance. On the other hand, off-campus living can be more peaceful, and provide an environment that’s more conducive for good sleep, rest and relaxation, studying and doing other school work. However, look out for rowdy roommates and neighbors. Peace and Quiet

Eat When You Want:

This may seem silly, but one of the most unpleasant components of living on-campus is the lack of and quality of food. Most dorms only have mini-fridges with no cooking facilities, and most university dining halls have limited hours. This means you’ll either have to ignore those midnight munchies, snack on the small items you have, rummage up some food wherever you can or spend money (you probably don’t have) on takeout. Eat When You Want

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Besides that, food in dining halls and around campuses isn’t usually that tasty or healthy. However, if you live in your own apartment, you can eat what you want, when you want. Plus, the food can be prepared by you and be as healthy and tasty as you like.

Cool Communities and Amenities :

On-campus living can be cool, but it doesn’t offer many amenities, and certainly not any that come close to community and apartment amenities . For example, some off-campus apartments come with access to hot tubs, gyms, tanning beds, game rooms, and even on-site movie theaters. Cool Communities and Amenities

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Besides, living in an apartment gives you the opportunity to truly experience the community and city around you without a curfew. It might even help you get key information on job and internship openings.

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