Automatic Screw Tightening Machine – The Benefits They Give!

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When it comes to screw tightening machines, there can be seen some most common problems. But what about the solution to those? This post lists them all. Read at- or call +86-13537273006 for more.


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Automatic Screw Tightening Machine – The Benefits They Give!

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OVERVIEW In today’s world machines and robots has become indispensable in various industries where a large number of production is required every day. Among all such automated machines that are now ruling various industries, automatic screw tightening machine.

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Automatic Screw Tightening Machine – How they work to your Benefit! All I could see a double work station where the work is being done automatically. He also informed that this system belongs to company called 1clicksmt who are dedicated to develop some of the best screw tightening machines, screw driving system and more. With their SY-S12T machine, even our factory has seen a steady growth in terms of production. Read more at-

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The Efficient HIOS Screw Driver And Feeder: Problem: On the broader perspective, the screw feeder and screw driver are the two core parts that make the automatic screw driving machine. Solution : To eradicate the common problems with screws like stripped ones or stuck screws by screw feeder, this system has the efficient HIOS screw driver. This screw driver efficiently reduces most of the problems and ensures quality screw tightening. HIOS Screw Driver And Feeder

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Double Work Station: Problem: In case of single work station, the machine can only put one product on the work station and cannot go for the other one till the first product is finished. Solution: To solve this problem, the SY-S12T has two work stations that can alternately run without stop. This station is also able to install two different products on left and right work station and both of them can execute two different screw driving program. Double Work Station Tightening System

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Double Head And Double Work Station Machine: Problem: It is also seen that if one product has two different screws with different torque requirement then the conventional machine fail to handle it. Solution: In SY-S22T, the combined two screw driving heads and two work stations in one machine is more that capable to fasten two different screws with two kinds of toque requirement.

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CONTACT US 1 CLICK SMT-AUTO SCREWDRIVING Bld 1, Hua Ke Bao Chuang Industry zone, Shi Da Road, DalingShan Town, PS: 523825, China PH:+86-13537273006

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