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Get access to the best banquets halls in Mumbai with 18.99 Latitude, 20,000 sq. ft. of pillar less space, perfect for any celebration.


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slide 1: THE A B C OF BANQUET HALLS When someone tells us about an event they’re hosting what is the first thing we say We ask ‘Where’ The venue of an event is a very important aspect and after the venue is decided the rest of the things just fall into place. Depending on the type of celebration we have the venue changes accordingly. For weddings one will need a bigger space while for a person’s birthday one can celebrate in their home. One of the places and venues that is used all the time and has a lot of popularity among people for parties such events is banquet halls. Banquet halls are establishments that have free space to host different types of events from corporate events to birthdays. They work as everything from engagement venues to anniversary venues. Most banquet halls have a professional staff working with them which include cleaning staff caterers and decorators. However others don’t have these services but the client themselves needs to hire these additional services. But since there are so many banquet halls available how does one hire the right one What are the things that need to be looked at Let’s take a closer look into this. Let’s imagine that you are looking for the best banquet halls in Mumbai. How do you go about this First look at the location. Once the location is decided and then everything falls into place. In Mumbai you’ll either find places in the middle of the city or in the outskirts. Though places in the outskirts are cheaper halls in the city will be more central and easier to locate. Second thing to look into is capacity. Make sure that the place you find is able to accommodate all your guests and will be able to handle it if people come or not. It should not be too crowded or not too sparse in your hall. The third thing to look into while choosing between best banquet halls in Mumbai is to look at the amenities. Make sure that the place you choose is able to offer you all the amenities you’re looking for. From clean bathrooms to good catering your banquet hall should meet your needs. Fourth make sure the ambience meets your event. An ambience can turn an empty room into everything from engagement venues to birthday venues. Fifth is cost. Make sure that the venue you choose meets your budget and does not cut into your other additional expenses and make that the cost includes everything you need from your venue. From engagement venues to corporate venues a banquet hall can transform into anything for you. So the next time you’re choosing a hall make sure you go through this to make sure that you have all your bases covered before you invest in your final hall.

slide 2: So the next time you have an event in mind and are looking for the best banquet halls in Mumbai or Delhi make sure have all these points in mind and you will be sure to choose the perfect venue for all your needs

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